Friday, May 19, 2017

Brilliant Bisazza Mosaics

Bisazza, an Italian glass manufacturer, makes some of the most beautiful and intricate glass mosaics we have ever seen.  We had a presentation with our Bisazza representative recently to review their new products and learn about their fine production process.  We thought we would share some of our favorite designs that we were inspired by!

This fantastic display below is at the Bisazza headquarters in Italy.  We love the ultra feminine and funky mosaic of roses paired with the houndstooth patterned floor.

Bisazza Mosaics 1 copy



An incredibly detailed portrait in glass tiles is a huge statement for a bathroom wall.

Bisazza Mosaics 2



A gorgeous blue and white floral mosaic lines the wall and floor of this contemporary lap pool.  What a clever use of these fine Italian glass tiles; and even better that they can be appreciated from inside the house.

Bisazza Mosaics 3 copy



A simpler, but no less dazzling mosaic is done in glass tiles set with 24 karat gold leaf.  We love how this mosaic feels luxurious, contemporary and funky at the same time.

Bisazza Mosaics 5 copy



A very playful mosaic of fossils and bones is displayed in this space.  Bisazza has fantastic traditional designs as well as many innovative and funky designs to choose from.

Bisazza Mosaics 6 copy



Another beautiful floral design is displayed in unique grey and turquoise colors.  The layers of lighting look beautiful against the glass tiles.

Bisazza mosaics 7 copy


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