Friday, September 1, 2017

Magical Tulum

We have been hearing about how wonderful and unique the town of Tulum is.  The trendy, eco-friendly destination is about an hour and a half from Cancun, Mexico, although it feels worlds away.  A few weeks ago, we made the trek to this place we have heard so much about.  We had to see how special it is for ourselves and experience the magic of Tulum.

Our hotel, Casa Malca, was the dream and creation of Lio Malca.  Lio Malca is an art dealer and gallery owner who turned Pablo Escobar’s former beach estate into the boutique, all-suite hotel that is Casa Malca.  The hotel showcases art all over the property hand-picked by Lio.  The bar attached to the reception lobby showcases a bold wallpaper by Keith Haring.  We love the bold mixture of contemporary art and earthy, eco-friendly finishes.  There is something fantastic, unique and special to behold at every turn.  We highly recommend visiting Casa Malca.

tulum style 1



Gitano is a dreamy jungle bar specializing in crafted mezcal cocktails.  Most of the bars in Tulum are open air with simple wood furnishings; but each one has thoughtful details that never leave your memory.  We love the iconic neon pink sign outside of Gitano.  Guests of Tulum town are drawn to it like fire flies.

tulum style 2



Many of the furnishings and interiors in Tulum are simple and paired down, but not any less thoughtful.  This communal tree-house lounge at Nomade Hotel is an inviting place for a rest or nap.

tulum style 3



The black and white patterned floor tiles and simple wood barstools, create a clean look at Arca.  The light wood paneling and black stone countertop make a sleek contrast against the natural jungle surroundings.

tulum style 4



This bathroom suite at Nomade Tulum is created with natural wood materials and concrete.  The vanity is simple, with a stone sink basin and humble mirror with dim lighting.  Many of the bathrooms in Tulum are designed this way.  It is although they force you to relax and forget the vanities you may be used to paying attention to everyday.

tulum style 5



In this image you can see the eclectic style of Casa Malca.  There are contemporary furnishings and art sculptures, paired with rustic finishes and white stucco.

tulum style 8



This kitchen and bar also showcases natural wicker and wood elements with white stucco walls and grey and white patterned tiles.  Many of the kitchens in Tulum are designed as an open concept so that guests can see the fresh preparation of the local cuisine.




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