Friday, September 29, 2017

Mirror Mirror

Mirrors are an excellent opportunity to add character and interest to a bathroom design.  There are so many brilliant and uniquely designed mirrors that are both functional and have a way of elevating the entire look of a space.

A full length, backlit mirror makes a beautiful silhouette behind each sink space in this bathroom.  We love that they kept the design simple and clean with white marble tile and white counters.

mirror mirror 2



How stunning is this sculptural mirror?  The different pieces of mirror connected together are reminiscent of the facets in a diamond.

mirror mirror 3



This bathroom mirror has a simple, minimalist approach.  The thin floor to ceiling design, flanked by black marble brings drama in a subtle way.

mirror mirror 4



Hanging a mirror from the ceiling is another way to add interest with your bathroom mirror design.  We love this cute, circular, vintage brass example.

mirror mirror 5 copy



This sleek, seemingly floating, black mirror, has a gorgeous design and functional little shelf at the bottom.

mirror mirror 6 copy



Another inspired example with a functional shelf is this round mirror with a floating shelf running through the middle.  This mirror would be perfect in a bathroom with a pedestal sink, lacking counter space.

mirror mirror 7



A simple, backlit, rectangular mirror looks dramatic in this dark bathroom.  The layers of light from the pendants, mirror and floor bring the look together.

mirror mirror 8


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