Friday, May 25, 2018

Hospitality Lighting

Hospitality style or custom lighting installations are an incredible way to elevate a space.  We love to draw inspiration from hospitality lighting for many of our residential projects.

This gorgeous light installation features chandeliers made of mother of pearl.  The natural material creates a warm glow and stunning texture.

hospitality lighting 1



A more minimal and modern display of light is shown in this hotel bar.  Twinkling, wire spheres of different sizes are grouped together to provide a delicate and intriguing sparkle.

hospitality lighting 2



This light installation is like a brass sculpture suspended in the air.  The light reflected off of the sculpture creates an appearance of water on the ceiling.

hospitality lighting 3



Delicate ribbons of fabric with light shining through line the ceiling of this hotel lobby.  We love how light and serene the installation makes the space feel.

hospitality lighting 4



Carefully placed panels of wood come together to create 3D geometric forms in this hospitality space.  The space is illuminated by LED lights in between the ceiling panels and funky light wall behind the front desk.  We love the multiple forms and layers of light used in this space.

hospitality lighting 5


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