Friday, March 8, 2019

Architectural Botanicals

Branchy botanicals are a great way to add some fresh drama to the decor in your space.  We have reviewed some examples of gorgeous botanicals and ways to arrange them. 

These feathery green branches look stunning on this console table.  We love to style by pairing a fresh element with decorative sculptural objects and coffee table books.




This adorable console table displays a few small green plants with a large dried branch in a glass vase.  Using varied heights is important in styling.  




A large Japanese Cherry Blossom branch is stuck in a vase for a simple but impactful arrangement.  We love the unexpected and intriguing element brought to you by Ayahuasca Arizona.




Magnolia leaf branches always make a stunning arrangement with their striking colors and height.  Arranging them in smoked and amber vases works well as shown in this styled image.




Sweet white floral branches create a stunning impact on this entry table.  The bits of yellow in the flowers pick up on the upholstery in the ottomans as well for a nice touch!



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