Friday, May 24, 2019

Stylish Vanity Mirrors

Mirrors are a necessity in a bathroom space, but also an opportunity to add a beautiful decorative element. Below are some ideas we love to help style and complete your bathroom look.

Tall, thin mirrors elongate the appearance of the space and add a sleek, polished look. The delicate pendants complement the bold terrazzo printed backdrop.


Gorgeous brass mirrors are suspended from the ceiling in this stunning marble bathroom. We love the unique shape of the mirrors and how the application allows the natural light to shine behind them.


These funky mirrors have planter shelves at the top, allowing vines to spill down and create a lush jungle vibe in this dreamy bathroom space.


Rustic wooden framed mirrors with a moroccan influence add the perfect touch to this bathroom space. The slab marble vessel and moroccan rug pull the look together.


Sleek black metal mirrors are always a winning look for us and work well in this minimalist bathroom space. The industrial bathroom sconces and black hardware pop against the clean white tiled wall.

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