Friday, June 3, 2016

Contemporary Patio Designs

Contemporary design is popular and versatile.  Sometimes it can be unfairly stereotyped as stoic or unwelcoming, and that could not be farther from the truth.  These images give excellent inspiration for aesthetically pleasing and socially stimulating patio designs.

A dramatic outdoor fireplace creates a congregation space to gather and enjoy the weather.  Some funky industrial chairs add character to the space.



This lush patio is flocked with wall planters and floating steps with greenery poking through.  The gorgeous wall that defines the area has frame-like cut outs and a decorative pattern for added interest.



Contemporary design doesn’t have to mean straight lines and ninety degree angles. This loopy, abstract figure-eight shaped patio is stunning with its use of varying materials and textures.




A shaded patio retreat dream come true.  The warm and cool contrast of the wood structure and concrete work beautifully together.



An infinity edge pool and views of the water definitely help, but the built in natural stone lounging benches make this outdoor retreat feel luxurious.


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