Friday, May 20, 2016

Outdoor Inspired Bathrooms

Summer is here and it has us dreaming of exotic beach vacations in far away destinations.  Wouldn’t it be nice to bring the feeling vacation gives home with you?  These outdoor inspired bathrooms take you to a relaxing place and make you feel like you’re on vacation everyday.  A bathroom that doubles as a greenhouse is the perfect everyday retreat to clear your head.  Lots of light is added to this bathroom with the pitched glass ceiling, making it feel light and airy.



A contemporary indoor/outdoor bathroom gives you the option of enjoying the elements or simply feeling like you are outdoors.  This sleek design appeals to the minimalist at heart.



This funky bathroom has a retro vibe and is studded with luxurious accents, but the star is the outdoor tub.



A glass wall with uninterrupted green views makes this bathroom feel like a treehouse dream come true.



If you do not have the option of having a partially outdoor bathroom; just bring the outdoors in!  This plant wall is a gorgeous backdrop to the free standing tub.







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