Gorgeous Game Rooms

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Luxurious and sophisticated may not be the first words that come to mind when thinking of game rooms.  However, why not?  These ultra sleek and contemporary entertainment spaces have inspired us to imagine beyond the obvious.  Typically game rooms are left with a casual style and some would say, lack of style.  Today you can find billiard tables, ping pong tables and other gaming tables with brilliant contemporary designs.  We explored some of the options and found examples that have inspired us.

This funky and glamorous game room features exotic taxidermy, glossy black ceiling and wall moldings and a contemporary crystal chandelier.  We love the unexpected touches that make this game room the center of attention.

modern game room



A sexy thin, carved pool table is the main event in this game room.  The table itself is such an interesting piece of art with the contrast of contemporary and traditional wood carving.

modern game room 2



This glamorous gold and ivory game room is the perfect social gathering space.  The beautiful artwork and varied seating make an inviting space to play a game of pool or have a drink.

modern game room 3



The large carved sculptures in this billiards room adds drama and interest.  Although the art is dark and dramatic the room has many layers of light and feels vibrant.

modern game room 5

Source: http://www.luxxu.net/blog/best-interior-designers-oriental-style-geoffrey-bradfield/


An industrial and minimalist styled billiards room is a pleasant change of pace.  The reclaimed wood wall paneling and light installation create a simple yet unique look.

modern game rooms 5 copy



A warm golden toned poker room feels swanky and luxurious.  The quirky sputnik chandelier and abstract artwork pull the room together and compliment the space well.

modern game room 22


Console style

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An elegant console table in an entryway, hallway or master suite is a great opportunity to purchase an interesting piece of furniture.  We love that you can style console tables in so many different ways.  Adding interesting lighting, art piece or sculptural decorative elements, are all ways to make a style your own.  We have been lusting over some of these thoughtful console table styling combos.

The contrasting style of this modern console table against the traditional wall moldings makes for such an interesting pair.  The look is taken further by adding the beautiful contemporary wall lighting to highlight the decorative art displayed on the console.

console table 1



A totally different look and altogether change of pace, is this contemporary beach house entry console.  The hints of blue and organic nods to the ocean complete this look and make for a stunning welcome to this beach retreat.

console table 2 copy



A much more refined and luxurious look is offered by this lacquered wood and brass console table.  The styling has been kept simple and consistent with a brass lamp and vase.

console table 3 copy



This burled wood console piece is quite the attention grabber.  We love the contrast of the console’s sharp dramatic edges, paired with the more organic smooth shapes of the other furniture in the room.

console table 4 copy



This little elegant carved wood console piece makes a sweet addition to a hallway.  The two different styled lamps add layers of light and interest.

console table 5 copy



A vintage mid-century modern console table is styled with a collection of matte black pottery and other sculptural art pieces.  The simple black artwork and sculptures work well with the polished black wood floors.

console table 6 copy



Dream Closets

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Designing a master closet is a great way to flex your creativity and organization skills.  A master closet should be personal and tailored to fit the end user.  Some, more fashionable, may desire a closet where their collections are on display and others may want a clever and orderly closet that hides all of their belongings.

This contemporary master closet is reminiscent of a designer showroom.  The marble floors and recessed lighting make it feel ultra luxurious.  The floor to ceiling window view is not a bad touch either!

closets 1 copy



We are loving this ultra chic black and white themed master closet.  The gorgeous custom black and white cabinetry makes it unique and funky.

closets 2 copy



The plush sofa bench and warm tones of this master closet space make it feel inviting.  The layers of light and varied finish textures add interest and depth to the room.

closets 3 copy



This room is another example of a well planned master closet space.  Adding drawers to the center island for underwear, socks and other small items helps with easily accessibility and organization.


Source: http://www.dwellingdecor.com/25-best-contemporary-storage-closets-design-ideas/


A phenomenal two story space is the ultimate in luxury master closets.  The back lit shoe and bag displays, as well as glass-topped center jewelry case are exactly what closet dreams are made of.





Contemporary Art

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Selecting art for clients can be a very fun, but challenging part of being an interior designer.  Art is very personal and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  One person may view a piece of art and feel emotions such as joy and chaos, whereas another may feel angst and confusion.  Composition of art may be interpreted many different ways.  This past week we have been searching for large scale, contemporary works for a client project and have felt very inspired by abstract street art and photography.

These two photographs mounted side by side provide an interesting contrast to a somewhat classic style interior.

contemporary art 1 copy



This simple black and white abstract piece is perfect for this Spanish style entryway desk.  The combination of contemporary and old world styles work well together and give this space a little edge.

contemporary art 2 copy



We love the mystery of emotion in this black and white photograph.  The large scale is a great size for the wall.

contemporary art 3 copy



A beautiful nude female composition adds a contemporary flair to a traditional and mid century style interior.  The photograph commands your immediate attention in the room.

contemporary art 4 copy


A canvas street art piece makes a lovely compliment to this funky dining room space.  The pink tones soften the work and make it feel slightly more feminine.

contemporary art 5


This black and white abstract painting creates a striking contrast against the peach colored walls.  We love the oversized scale and pairing with the black and white zebra arm chair.

contemporary art 6




Black and White Patterned Floors

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Black and white tiled floors are a great way to dress up your home and add interest to any room.  Whether it be more classic and traditional patterns laid in marble or funky and trendy patterns laid with porcelain or cement tiles, we love them all!

This tight, triangular floor tile pattern makes a nice contemporary backdrop for an otherwise traditional style room.  We love the contrast of the graphic floor pattern with the classic fireplace and wall moldings.

Black and white patterned floors 1



A polished, large scale, diamond floor pattern could be laid with marble or glossy porcelain tiles.  This design would be great for a foyer or entryway.

Black and white patterned floors 2



A small, dark powder bathroom gets some flair with a stripy black and white floor.  The varying thicknesses of stripe in the pattern make this example a little more edgy.

Black and white patterned floors 3



This classic example below  shows a square grid-like pattern in black and white marble.

Black and white patterned floors 4



We love this example of a large scale hexagon pattern in black and white marble with a matte finish.  The finish on this stone feels a little more relaxed.  The pattern and tones pair perfectly with the art in the room.

Black and white patterned floors 5



For a more organic pattern, this loopy, vine-like design is a beautiful option.  A pop of color, such as this emerald sofa bench makes for a nice accent against the black and white floors.

Black and white patterned floors 6 copy


Nursery Wallpaper

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There are so many clever and whimsical wallpapers that we come across and are inspired by.  Many of us do not want to commit to bold patterns and prints on our walls in fear that we will grow tired of them too soon.  A nursery room is the perfect place to paste the wallpaper you’ve always lusted after.  New moms will be spending lots of time in this room and these selections could easily last into elementary years.

We love this quirky watercolor cacti wallpaper; a perfect gender neutral selection.

wallpaper1 copy



A bold and colorful floral print makes the perfect backdrop to a playful little girls room.  The wallpaper is definitely the punch in this room.

wallpaper 2 copy



This eclectic bohemian style nursery is non fussy in the best way.  We love the dark slate colored walls with dreamy animals and foliage printed on it.

wallpaper 3 copy



A more traditional take on the baby nursery is this mostly white, formal design.  The wallpaper printed with colorful birds gives some charm to the room yet still feels soft and put together.

wallpaper 4 copy



We love this black and white graphic wallpaper.  Some splashes of color and art hung over the wallpaper work well for this funky more-is-more vibe.

wallpaper 5 copy



For more of the minimalist, this simple graphic design can easily be transformed into a more mature guest bedroom in the future.

wallpaper 6 copy



A glamorous pink, white and black design is perfect for the ultra feminine mom.  The dalmatian speckled walls and bubble gum pink draperies give the feel of Hollywood glam.

wallpaper 7 copy


Autumn Accents

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With seasons changing and the weather cooling down, we have been inspired by the feeling of Fall.  Rich golden tones of fallen leaves, forest green and deep burgundy have us crushing on these interior inspirations.  Dark green kitchen cabinetry pairs perfectly with brass pulls and marble counter tops.  We love the lofty art display shelving for a casual and personal touch.  This look feels both rustic and modern at the same time.

autumn accents 2


The dark moody interior and burgundy velvet upholstery are a gorgeous combination with the lighter wood floors.

autumn accents 3


The warm wooden wall paneling and pumpkin colored loveseat give this room a cozy touch while still feeling contemporary.

autumn accents 6


This forest green and brass console table is a great addition to any room without too much commitment.

autumn accents 1


We love all of the berry tones in this living room.  The accents are also styled to remind us of our favorite, Fall season.

autumn accents 4


The rich golden velvet sectional is reminiscent of the warm golden leafy tones we love to see in the Fall.  It makes us want to curl up with a cup of hot cocoa!

autumn accents 5


Stairway Envy

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Stairways are a great architectural feature that can add character to a home.  We are loving all of these creative stairs, in different materials.  Why not make this functional feature of a house something beautiful to look at?  The rough texture of the original stone wall next to the sleek contemporary glass and metal staircase create an awesome contrast.

staircase envy 2



This suspended staircase is absolutely stunning as it appears to float up to the second story.

staircase envy 3



A sculptural bent wood staircase plays the role of art installation and means of transport from the first story to the second in a residential building in Mumbai.

staircase envy 4



This incredible cloud-like, flowing stairway is the work of Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas.  The sculptural masterpiece can be visited at the 5th Avenue Armani store in New York City.




This stairway gives the effect that the stairs are actually suspended by sheets of glass.  We love this open concept and the way it makes the space appear large and bright.

staircase envy 6



Brass Floor Inlay

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Metal flooring inlay is an accent that has inspired some of our recent projects.  We are especially love the gold brass inlay detail in the lobby of the Envy residences in Scottsdale, our collaboration with Deco Communities.  This hotel bar boasts a gorgeous brass flooring design that has an Art Deco charm.

gold inlay 1



Brass inlay can be used as a great transition of flooring materials shown in this image below.  The detail has a traditional nostalgia about it, but still feels contemporary.

gold inlay 6



Concrete and brass create a beautiful puzzle of geometric shapes in this flooring design by Martin Boyce.

Martin Boyce, "We Are Still And Reflective",  skulptur projekte muenster 07



A thick stripe of brass tiles line the center of this Sydney bakery.  We are always fans of black white and gold; this combo works perfectly together.

gold inlay 7



A linear brass and marble design cover the floors in this elegant master bath.

gold inlay 8



Brass inlay lines these kitchen floors and separates two different tones of polished grey concrete floors.  The warm and cool tones create a fantastic contrast.

gold inlay 5



Another excellent example of brass inlay is shown in the bar of this restaurant.  The design runs from the ceiling to the floors, creating a striped pattern across the room.

gold inlay 9



Book Matched Marble

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Book matched marble is a luxurious statement whether it be in a grand master bathroom, a swanky hotel bar or a stunning contemporary fireplace.  The designs in the natural stone create beautiful patterns when book matched and each holds unique qualities of its own.  The dramatic black and white book matched marble back drop in this bathroom pairs perfectly with the gold chandelier for a glamorous look.

Book matched marble 1



One of the most popular places that we see book matched marble lately is in the bathroom.  A phenomenal statement can be made in a walk-in shower or as a back drop to a free-standing tub.  This example shows a large rectangular niche for bath products.  The pattern runs all the way through the cut out and aligns perfectly without interrupting the veining in the marble.

book matched marble 5



A very funky and glamorous example of book matched marble is shown here at this master sink vanity.  More is more with this design.  The warm, caramel colored marble vanity wall ties into the mosaic marble floor.

book matched marble 7



This book matched marble back drop feels like looking through a kaleidoscope and makes for a fantastic design element at a hotel bar.

book matched marble 10



The warmth and clarity in the design of the book matched marble slabs makes this contemporary fireplace the star of the room.  The rich, chocolate brown accent wall behind it and white bricks bring texture and depth to the space.

book matched marble 11



A fantastic piece of iconic architecture, the Barcelona Pavilion by Mies van der Rohe, showcases book matched marble ahead of its time.  The rose and rusty colored stone create the most beautiful contrast from the cool blue stone wall in the background.