Nursery Wallpaper

Friday, December 16, 2016 · Leave a Comment 

There are so many clever and whimsical wallpapers that we come across and are inspired by.  Many of us do not want to commit to bold patterns and prints on our walls in fear that we will grow tired of them too soon.  A nursery room is the perfect place to paste the wallpaper you’ve always lusted after.  New moms will be spending lots of time in this room and these selections could easily last into elementary years.

We love this quirky watercolor cacti wallpaper; a perfect gender neutral selection.

wallpaper1 copy



A bold and colorful floral print makes the perfect backdrop to a playful little girls room.  The wallpaper is definitely the punch in this room.

wallpaper 2 copy



This eclectic bohemian style nursery is non fussy in the best way.  We love the dark slate colored walls with dreamy animals and foliage printed on it.

wallpaper 3 copy



A more traditional take on the baby nursery is this mostly white, formal design.  The wallpaper printed with colorful birds gives some charm to the room yet still feels soft and put together.

wallpaper 4 copy



We love this black and white graphic wallpaper.  Some splashes of color and art hung over the wallpaper work well for this funky more-is-more vibe.

wallpaper 5 copy



For more of the minimalist, this simple graphic design can easily be transformed into a more mature guest bedroom in the future.

wallpaper 6 copy



A glamorous pink, white and black design is perfect for the ultra feminine mom.  The dalmatian speckled walls and bubble gum pink draperies give the feel of Hollywood glam.

wallpaper 7 copy