Friday, September 23, 2016

Stairway Envy

Stairways are a great architectural feature that can add character to a home.  We are loving all of these creative stairs, in different materials.  Why not make this functional feature of a house something beautiful to look at?  The rough texture of the original stone wall next to the sleek contemporary glass and metal staircase create an awesome contrast.

staircase envy 2



This suspended staircase is absolutely stunning as it appears to float up to the second story.

staircase envy 3



A sculptural bent wood staircase plays the role of art installation and means of transport from the first story to the second in a residential building in Mumbai.

staircase envy 4



This incredible cloud-like, flowing stairway is the work of Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas.  The sculptural masterpiece can be visited at the 5th Avenue Armani store in New York City.




This stairway gives the effect that the stairs are actually suspended by sheets of glass.  We love this open concept and the way it makes the space appear large and bright.

staircase envy 6



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