Friday, September 9, 2016

Brass Floor Inlay

Metal flooring inlay is an accent that has inspired some of our recent projects.  We are especially love the gold brass inlay detail in the lobby of the Envy residences in Scottsdale, our collaboration with Deco Communities.  This hotel bar boasts a gorgeous brass flooring design that has an Art Deco charm.

gold inlay 1



Brass inlay can be used as a great transition of flooring materials shown in this image below.  The detail has a traditional nostalgia about it, but still feels contemporary.

gold inlay 6



Concrete and brass create a beautiful puzzle of geometric shapes in this flooring design by Martin Boyce.

Martin Boyce, "We Are Still And Reflective",  skulptur projekte muenster 07



A thick stripe of brass tiles line the center of this Sydney bakery.  We are always fans of black white and gold; this combo works perfectly together.

gold inlay 7



A linear brass and marble design cover the floors in this elegant master bath.

gold inlay 8



Brass inlay lines these kitchen floors and separates two different tones of polished grey concrete floors.  The warm and cool tones create a fantastic contrast.

gold inlay 5



Another excellent example of brass inlay is shown in the bar of this restaurant.  The design runs from the ceiling to the floors, creating a striped pattern across the room.

gold inlay 9



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