Sunday, January 29, 2017

Contemporary Art

Selecting art for clients can be a very fun, but challenging part of being an interior designer.  Art is very personal and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  One person may view a piece of art and feel emotions such as joy and chaos, whereas another may feel angst and confusion.  Composition of art may be interpreted many different ways.  This past week we have been searching for large scale, contemporary works for a client project and have felt very inspired by abstract street art and photography.

These two photographs mounted side by side provide an interesting contrast to a somewhat classic style interior.

contemporary art 1 copy



This simple black and white abstract piece is perfect for this Spanish style entryway desk.  The combination of contemporary and old world styles work well together and give this space a little edge.

contemporary art 2 copy



We love the mystery of emotion in this black and white photograph.  The large scale is a great size for the wall.

contemporary art 3 copy



A beautiful nude female composition adds a contemporary flair to a traditional and mid century style interior.  The photograph commands your immediate attention in the room.

contemporary art 4 copy


A canvas street art piece makes a lovely compliment to this funky dining room space.  The pink tones soften the work and make it feel slightly more feminine.

contemporary art 5


This black and white abstract painting creates a striking contrast against the peach colored walls.  We love the oversized scale and pairing with the black and white zebra arm chair.

contemporary art 6




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