Friday, January 13, 2017

Black and White Patterned Floors

Black and white tiled floors are a great way to dress up your home and add interest to any room.  Whether it be more classic and traditional patterns laid in marble or funky and trendy patterns laid with porcelain or cement tiles, we love them all!

This tight, triangular floor tile pattern makes a nice contemporary backdrop for an otherwise traditional style room.  We love the contrast of the graphic floor pattern with the classic fireplace and wall moldings.

Black and white patterned floors 1



A polished, large scale, diamond floor pattern could be laid with marble or glossy porcelain tiles.  This design would be great for a foyer or entryway.

Black and white patterned floors 2



A small, dark powder bathroom gets some flair with a stripy black and white floor.  The varying thicknesses of stripe in the pattern make this example a little more edgy.

Black and white patterned floors 3



This classic example below  shows a square grid-like pattern in black and white marble.

Black and white patterned floors 4



We love this example of a large scale hexagon pattern in black and white marble with a matte finish.  The finish on this stone feels a little more relaxed.  The pattern and tones pair perfectly with the art in the room.

Black and white patterned floors 5



For a more organic pattern, this loopy, vine-like design is a beautiful option.  A pop of color, such as this emerald sofa bench makes for a nice accent against the black and white floors.

Black and white patterned floors 6 copy


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