Friday, December 30, 2016

Incredible Home Gyms

The New Year always brings resolutions of better health and fitness.  What better way to get inspired to get in the gym or create your own little gym sanctuary at home, than looking to some gorgeous home gym inspiration!

We love this glass-enclosed gym.  Not only is it a beautiful way to enclose your gym, but it keeps kids safe from dangerous equipment!

home gym1 copy



These sleek black subway tile lined walls make a perfect backdrop for gym equipment.  The black equipment blends in to the walls and disappears.  We love the clean natural wood floors and circular light feature in the ceiling.

home gym 2 copy



This ultra stylish home gym is somewhere we could spend time in!  We love the contrast of the warm wood paneling and black accents.

home gym 3 copy



This gorgeous greenhouse gym feels like you are working out outdoors.  The indoor tree and windows all around are a refreshing element to your daily work out routine.

home gym 4



This sleek grey and black gym has a futuristic look.  All of the ceiling panels in different textures and finishes add depth and interest to the room.

home gym 5



Working out while looking at the ocean is always good!  These interesting ceiling light installments and unique wood floor pattern add a hint of style.

home gym 6 copy


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