Autumn Accents

Friday, October 7, 2016 · Leave a Comment 

With seasons changing and the weather cooling down, we have been inspired by the feeling of Fall.  Rich golden tones of fallen leaves, forest green and deep burgundy have us crushing on these interior inspirations.  Dark green kitchen cabinetry pairs perfectly with brass pulls and marble counter tops.  We love the lofty art display shelving for a casual and personal touch.  This look feels both rustic and modern at the same time.

autumn accents 2


The dark moody interior and burgundy velvet upholstery are a gorgeous combination with the lighter wood floors.

autumn accents 3


The warm wooden wall paneling and pumpkin colored loveseat give this room a cozy touch while still feeling contemporary.

autumn accents 6


This forest green and brass console table is a great addition to any room without too much commitment.

autumn accents 1


We love all of the berry tones in this living room.  The accents are also styled to remind us of our favorite, Fall season.

autumn accents 4


The rich golden velvet sectional is reminiscent of the warm golden leafy tones we love to see in the Fall.  It makes us want to curl up with a cup of hot cocoa!

autumn accents 5


Channelled Furniture

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Lately we have been loving the look of channelled furniture.  Horizontal and vertical channelling offer an interesting twist to any piece of furniture.  The deep grooves show off the texture of the fabric and allow you to see the different characteristics of the material. This gorgeous forest green banquette is a rich addition to this eating area.ac2095418c71a7c02b8d0e68d4582203Source:

A quieter accent is offered by these beautiful organically shaped lounge chairs.  Although this room is very monochromatic, your eye goes right to the texture and depth of the channelling.dam-images-decor-2014-04-laura-santos-1100-architect-laura-santos-1100-architect-manhattan-townhouse-04-librarySource:

Italian furniture designer, Minotti, offers a breathtaking channelled sectional in many different materials and configurations.Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 3.27.28 PMSource:

A rich two-toned berry colored banquette is a quirky addition to a cafe and has a beautiful contrast against this slate colored wall.sGjO10SUFq9xSource: