Friday, March 24, 2017

Gorgeous Game Rooms

Luxurious and sophisticated may not be the first words that come to mind when thinking of game rooms.  However, why not?  These ultra sleek and contemporary entertainment spaces have inspired us to imagine beyond the obvious.  Typically game rooms are left with a casual style and some would say, lack of style.  Today you can find billiard tables, ping pong tables and other gaming tables with brilliant contemporary designs.  We explored some of the options and found examples that have inspired us.

This funky and glamorous game room features exotic taxidermy, glossy black ceiling and wall moldings and a contemporary crystal chandelier.  We love the unexpected touches that make this game room the center of attention.

modern game room



A sexy thin, carved pool table is the main event in this game room.  The table itself is such an interesting piece of art with the contrast of contemporary and traditional wood carving.

modern game room 2



This glamorous gold and ivory game room is the perfect social gathering space.  The beautiful artwork and varied seating make an inviting space to play a game of pool or have a drink.

modern game room 3



The large carved sculptures in this billiards room adds drama and interest.  Although the art is dark and dramatic the room has many layers of light and feels vibrant.

modern game room 5



An industrial and minimalist styled billiards room is a pleasant change of pace.  The reclaimed wood wall paneling and light installation create a simple yet unique look.

modern game rooms 5 copy



A warm golden toned poker room feels swanky and luxurious.  The quirky sputnik chandelier and abstract artwork pull the room together and compliment the space well.

modern game room 22


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