Friday, October 21, 2016

Clever Cutouts

Creativity comes in to play when designing for small spaces.  Many times we do not have much to work with and it is important to consider the value of the usable space in the home.  The following clever cutouts are thoughtful ideas to help with storage and maximize space.

Although storage does not appear to be the biggest issue in the gorgeous kitchen below, the cutout helps the home chef have necessities at arm’s reach and off of the counter top.

clever cutouts 4 copy



For the entertainer, this clever bottle chilling trough is the perfect trick.  We think this would go perfect in a bar area or outdoor kitchen.

clever cutouts 2 copy



A tiny cutout in the butcher block of this kitchen makes for easy access to knives.  We love this idea for someone who cooks often and likes to have their knives on display.

clever cutouts 1 copy



As shown in the office space below, wall cutouts create great shelving for books and picture display.  Wall cutouts and nooks can be useful when there is not much room for furniture pieces that take up space.

clever cutouts 6 copy



This chic, minimalist style fireplace, has a narrow cut out to hold firewood.  We love the way it looks on display and it is practical too!

clever cutouts 7 copy



Shampoo and product niches have become somewhat of the standard.  People no longer want to buy additional shelving and wire baskets for their showers.  This niche is lit so that you can see your products better!

clever cutouts 3 copy



When you have an amazing view outside and could use additional seating you could add a picturesque window seat.  This window seat adds space and views without additional furniture getting in the way.

clever cutouts 5 copy


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