Friday, November 4, 2016

Hexagon Tile

One of our biggest material crushes lately has been hexagon tile.  We love how it gives us a nostalgic  vibe with a updated feel.  This lightly patterned wall tile puts a new spin on the classic hexagon.  The pattern on the tile has the effect of lace and adds a feminine touch to this bathroom wall tile.

hexagon tile 1 copy



A slightly elongated hexagon tile is a interesting twist on the classic shape.  We love the matte finish on these tiles and how they provide a sleek, contemporary look in this kitchen.

hexagon tile 2 copy



White hexagon tile with dark contrasting grout helps the tile pop, creating a fun back drop to this matte black freestanding tub.

hexagon tile 4 copy



A jumbo black hex mosaic on the floors is a nice stark contrast to the clean white tile that lines these bathroom walls.

hexagon tile 6 copy



The half hex is a slightly different take on your classic hex and creates a bolder pattern.  We love the minty color of these tiles and the geometric drama they add!

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