Friday, June 30, 2017

Glass and Stone

One of the most beautiful ways for architecture and design to come together is the melding of old and new.  An old farmhouse, manufacturing plant or historical building can be reworked with modern materials such as glass and concrete to make a contemporary masterpiece.  The mix of the contrasting styles and textures together makes for a fantastic outcome.

This old brick building was given a modern facelift with an ultra-contemporary open concept addition.  We love how striking the two styles are together.

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How stunning is the illusion of this historical, stone building crumbling away to reveal a contemporary building made of glass and steel?  We love the creativity used in this work.

Old and New 1 copySource:


Another beautiful example of an old brick factory building, re-worked into something new.  The addition of the smooth, white stucco and glass create a unique pairing.

Old and New 2Source:


Larger, natural stones were used for the exterior walls in this old farm house, turned contemporary marvel.  The floor to ceiling glass entryway is a stunning feature.

old and new 4



An interesting idea to preserve the interior of an old brick building is to seal it with glass!  We love how gorgeous these walls look preserved behind glass like a piece of art.

Old and new 7 copySource:


Albert Frey’s Palm Springs house features a unique mix of glass and stone, as the house is built directly into the side of the mountain.  This work has become a land mark and destination for lovers of modern architecture.

old and new 6



Here is an example of an interior view of an old stone house, remodeled with contemporary elements and glass.  The light that it brings to this dining space and textural charm are just perfect!

old and new 5


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