Friday, July 14, 2017

Contemporary Pools

The summer is for spending time in the water, especially in this extreme Arizona heat!  There is no better time than the middle of the summer to daydream about some awesome pool designs.  Having a backyard oasis in the Southwest is a must!

The sleek, contemporary design of this backyard pool is perfect for those wanting a smaller, low maintenance option.  Just enough space to take a dip and makes a beautiful backdrop for outdoor parties.  We love the water feature and light installation on the concrete wall.

pools 1



How stunning is the sculptural water feature in this pool?  Adding an artistic element to your contemporary pool design is an awesome way to personalize the space and add character.

pools 2



Another stunning artistic feature is displayed in this pool below.  The cantilevered, wooden water feature creates a statement that runs across the floor all the way into the pool.  We love how it ties in with the fascia of the building.

pools 3Source:


A pool that runs from inside the house to the outside, is the ultimate luxury!  This pool is truly incorporated into the design of the house.

pools 4



We love how simple and clean the white tiles look in this pool and spa combo. The slightly raised spa and platform step display a thoughtful yet minimalist design.




The all white design of this outdoor pool space is so serene and refreshing.  We love the gradual pool steps and the giant, funky white planter pots.

pools 6



This sunken in seating area allows you to feel like you are in the water without getting wet, and enjoy the view from the infinity edge.  This design element is so versatile, it could also be used as a swim up bar, or covered to make a platform for entertainment at parties.

pools 7


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