Friday, July 28, 2017

Office Space

The space where you work is a place that you want to feel calm and organized but also energized and inspired.  The design of your office may depend on your work,   whether it is a creative occupation that requires displays of influence and current projects, a place to meet clients or a space for storing books and files to be neatly organized.  Your office space should be your own sanctuary.

This beautiful office space uses a black book shelf wall as storage but it also doubles as art.  The colorful books really pop on the dark wall.  We also love the beautiful patterned floor and fun light fixture.

office space 1Source:


This office space utilizes gold bookshelves to store books and decorative items.  We especially love the funky clear acrylic table paired with the more traditional rug.

office space 2



This clean and contemporary office feels light and airy, but still has an edgy vibe to it.  The built in shelving lights add an interesting element to the space, as well as the oversized desk lamp.

Office space 4



Although the color palette in this office space is made up of neutrals, tons of interest is added with texture.  The wall tiles, different fabrics of the furniture, rug and the wood flooring work to create interesting contrast and balance.

office space 5



This space is a little more unconventional with its format.  We love the relaxed arrangement of furniture and art as well as the eclectic mixtures of traditional and contemporary styles of the furniture and wall moldings.

office space 6


A much more laid back and artistic energy is displayed in this work space.  The funky and casual mixture of furnishings and display of artwork make this the perfect little artists’ nook.

office space 7 copy



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