Friday, January 12, 2018

Velvet Barstools

Velvet has been used by interior designers to add an element of texture and richness for many years.  Lately we have been seeing furniture designers release beautiful new pieces covered in brightly colored velvets.  We are loving this trend of old meets new and wanted to share some velvet covered barstools that we have been coveting.

Gorgeous mustard colored velvet and brass barstools add a luxurious vintage charm to this cozy Parisian bar.

velvet barstools



A more modern rendition is displayed by these blush-pink barstools.  The ultra-feminine shade of pink and organic shape work perfectly together.

velvet barstools 2



These chic and cozy barstools were just released in CB2’s new collection.  The barstools are offered in two different colors and are an affordable option on this gorgeous trend.

Velvet barstools 3



Brightly colored teal barstools make a fantastic statement in this sweet little kitchen bar.  The polished brass accents and white tile finishes work well with the cool tones and create great contrast.

velvet barstools 4



A more cozy and transitional velvet barstool is displayed in this restaurant bar.  The warm grey velvet and wood finish create a more neutral, earthy look.

velvet barstools 5



These deep, forest-green velvet barstools are the ultimate in sophistication.  The gold piping detail, sculpted wood legs and brass accents compliment the green velvet well.

velvet 7



Brilliant burnt orange velvet looks stunning paired with shadowy bar lighting.  This example shows how versatile velvet can be when used as an upholstery material.  Velvet look gorgeous in every color!

velvet barstools 6


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