Friday, January 26, 2018

Lean On Me

A casual, fun and edgy way to display art is by leaning it rather than hanging it.  This is a different way to style with artwork and mirrors that gives a relaxed lofty vibe.  These examples show different ways to display art by leaning it in various ways and in different spaces.

This example displays two tall pieces of art set on top of a shelf-like bench.  This arrangement adds interest to the corner of the room as well as adding height.  We love that they mixed some sculpture pieces in with the arrangement as well.

Lean 1



Another interesting way of leaning art in a room is with a thin shelf that runs all the way around the room.  This example doesn’t require any damage to the beautiful wall moldings and allows you to switch the art out easily with your changing tastes.

Lean 2



If a piece of art is large enough it may even work to have it leaning from the ground.  The proper space and low furniture are necessary for viewing the art at eye level.  We love the punch this quirky photograph adds.

Lean 3



Another example that we love is mixing or layering art hung on the wall and leaned against the wall.  These black and white pieces pair perfectly together with the contrast they create.

Lean 4



A more popular display that we see often is when a mix of framed art and other pieces are organized in a collection on top of a mantle.  We still love this look and its easy for anyone who has a mantle or shelf to accomplish!

Lean 5



A favorite example of this styling trick is displayed in this gorgeous kitchen.  We love that the often neglected space above the cabinetry and appliances has been transformed into an art gallery.  The marble and brass shelf displays an art collection against the most beautiful forest green paint.

Lean 6








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