Friday, February 9, 2018

Rustic Meets Modern

Mixing traditional and modern design elements together can create interior magic.  We love designs that give an old building or home new spark, while keeping some of its traditional integrity.  Whether the traditional elements are original or only made to look that way, we are still crazy for this look.

These rustic, salvaged ceiling beams and cabinetry add a charming element to this sleek open space.  Of course, the fantastic black marble island doesn’t hurt either!

RM 1


The rough texture of the brick walls in this space create amazing contrast against all of the smooth finishes.  The palette in the space is kept neutral, but there is so much texture keeping the eye busy.

RM 2



Sleek, modern wood paneling lines the walls and kitchen island as a new element in the space.  The stone floors appear aged, offering a rough texture in contrast to the other smooth elements in the kitchen.

RM 3



A reddish brick is displayed in this gorgeous open living space.  The warmth and brightness it adds with the white counters and cabinetry make the space so inviting.  We also love the mix of traditional and contemporary decorative fixtures used by the designer.

RM 5



Another light and bright example is displayed in this kitchen space.  The stone kitchen backsplash feels earthy and serene.  We love the simple raw woods used for the cabinetry also.

RM 6


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