Friday, February 23, 2018

Stylish Children’s Rooms

Children’s rooms are so much fun to design.  We have been gathering some inspiration for a new project full of whimsy and modern elements.  It is a challenge to balance the quircky and bold designs that little ones desire, while trying to make choices that won’t go out of style too quickly.

This shared girls’ room is sweet and mature.  We love the touch of bohemian textiles with contemporary artwork on the walls.  Keeping a shared room light and bright helps the space feel open.

girls room 1 copy



A fantastic watercolor cactus wallpaper is perfect for a boy or girls room.  Although the print is bold and fun, it would be great for all ages, even adults!

kids room



This darling bedroom features warm hues of pink and gold.  The funky sputnik chandelier and wicker chair swing are playful elements that any little girl would get excited over.

girls room 2 copy



A boys room with a grown up mid-century flair is perfect in this small space.  This design would be ideal for a grandchild’s room doubling as a guest room.

kids room 3



Ultra-chic floral wallpaper is an excellent choice for older girls transitioning into their teens.  Keeping the furniture neutral and comfortable is a timeless choice.

kids room 6



A quaint, vintage-inspired design is displayed in this bedroom space.  The natural jute rug and antique metal bed are sweet touches that pull this look together.

kids room 7




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