Friday, August 17, 2018

Touch of Terrazzo

Terrazzo is a poured composite material containing pieces of glass, granite, quartz or marble and comes in many different variations and colors.  Terrazzo gained great popularity in America in the 1920’s and was used to cover flooring, countertops, furniture and more.  We have seen terrazzo make a comeback in recent years and are loving the updated, contemporary takes we have been seeing!  

This architectural lobby desk is covered in a gorgeous salmon colored terrazzo.  The warm tone of the terrazzo and cool tone of the poured concrete create a nice contrast. 

terrazzo 1



An earthy and contemporary example of terrazzo is displayed in this bathroom space.  A warm grey terrazzo wall and tub platform are accented by pops of black hardware.  

terrazzo 2



A funky multi-colored terrazzo stairwell adds character and charm.  The brass and glossy fluted railing complete the 1920’s vibe.  

terrazzo 3



This large-scale terrazzo bar is a playful take on the traditional style.  The bright colored pieces in the terrazzo pair well with the brightly painted cabinets.  

terrazzo 4



A simple poured concrete terrazzo walkway adds texture and interest to this hall space.  We love how this detail adds a sort of path through the home.  

terrazzo 5



A clean white terrazzo kitchen countertop and backsplash is paired with powder blue cabinetry and Nero Marquina marble to create and eclectic and edgy look. 

terrazzo 6





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