Friday, August 31, 2018

Dreamy Daybeds

Daybeds and chaises are a versatile piece of furniture that can be used in many different spaces.  Some daybeds can function like a deep sofa that can be repurposed into a bed and some can be more like a bench.  No matter the shape, depth or design, daybeds are a fun and unique piece to add to your space.  

A gorgeous marigold colored velvet daybed shines in this living room space.  We love the versatility of this piece!

Daybed 1



This structural chaise has a sophisticated feel that adds a chic charm to the space.  A piece like this is nice as an extra landing or sitting space in the room without being too bulky or blocking other furniture.  

Daybed 2



A more traditional daybed is displayed in this space.  The vintage vibe of the frame paired with the modern sconces and pillows creates an eclectic vibe.

Daybed 3



A sweet rattan daybed is the perfect piece for a large hall space, guest room or office.  Daybeds can be a great solution for rooms where there is little space.  

Daybed 4



This contemporary chaise has a gorgeous architectural quality to it and is almost like a piece of art in the room.  The tones in this space are muted but the art and furniture make quite a statement.  

Daybed 5


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