Friday, September 28, 2018


We love mixing up the traditional dining table and chairs with varied styles of seating.  Using a combination of different styles of seating can create a more approachable design and unique look.  Lately we have been all about the bench!  

When there is a lack of room, it is a great space-saving solution to put an upholstered bench against a wall and build your dining look that way.  This solution reads intentional and looks fantastic.

bench dining 1



How gorgeous are these natural and black cane chairs paired with this vibrant turquoise corner bench?  We love the oval tulip table and light fixture to top off this charming space. 

bench dining 2



A more mid-century modern vibe is displayed in this dining space.  The mixture of finishes and styles creates a funky eclectic feel.

bench dining 3



This dining look displaying a channeled bench and more formal dining armchairs feels polished.  Although the dining arrangement is informal, the fabrics and tailoring make it feel sophisticated.  

bench dining 4



This neutral dining space feels warm and welcoming.  We love the addition of shelves above the bench seating to store books and decorative objects.  

bench dining 5


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