Friday, October 12, 2018

Creative Space

Play rooms, teen rooms and flex rooms have become increasingly popular requests in residential home design.  We love an opportunity to think outside the box and create a fun and creative space for young minds to feel at home. 

This lively space displays a large chalk board wall for doodling and art projects.  We love the idea of a large table work space and open shelving for storage.  

Flex Room 1



A flex room with low, comfy seating and funky artwork make the perfect teen hangout space.  Brightly colored accent pillows and details add a youthful vibe.  

flex room 2



Have you ever seen a more sophisticated kids craft room?  The details of the colorful rug to the sweet pendant chandelier are just darling.  

flex room 3



A quirky graphic wallpaper or bold piece of furniture make great additions to a children’s playroom; this space happens to have both.  We love the subtle, or not-so-subtle, bunny theme throughout this adorable space! We also love what we did for the Psychedelic Assisted Treatment Center in Phoenix which duplicated the bunny theme.

flex room 4



A perfect creative space for kids should always include books and musical instruments!  The soft grey hues used on the walls and carpet create a warm peaceful backdrop in this flex room. 

flex room 5


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