Friday, November 30, 2018

Incredible Co-Work Spaces

Co-work spaces have become very popular over recent years and it is no surprise why.  More companies are moving toward a non-traditional or more flexible work environment that supports their employees lifestyles.  

This gorgeously designed co-work space in New York City uses industrial and polished elements to create a funky and refined environment to work in.

co-work 1


A light and transitional style is displayed in this communal work space.  The mixture of collaborative table space and lounge style furniture are ideal elements in co-work spaces. 

co-work 2


Sleek black and white finishes and decor create a contemporary work space worth working in.  We love this example of co-work space for its chic and edgy style.

co-work 3


An eclectic warehouse style work space in Chicago is home to Motorola Mobility.  The diverse seating in this space offers a tailored experience to each user.

co-work 4


This edgy co-work space has major living room lounge vibes.  The more casual lounge furniture and open concept would be ideal for events as well.

co-work 5


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