Saturday, December 15, 2018

Feliz Navidad

This holiday season we are loving all of the quirky and colorful decor we are seeing!  Why go with the traditional green and red when you can use all the colors?  These Christmas decor ideas are inspired by handmade crafts and textiles found in Southern Mexico.  This boho style celebrates color and is a funky way to liven up your holiday decorations.

A hot pink Christmas tree and paper garland steal the spotlight in this living space.  We love the addition of colorful hand made gift wrappings.  

Feliz navidad 1



Shades of teal and pink liven up this sweet little mantle.  A white christmas tree is the perfect backdrop for all colors of ornaments and decor!

feliz navidad 2



A perfect do-it-yourself project is making a pom-pom wreath out of various sized pom-poms and bells!  

feliz navidad 3



Bottle-brush trees are another perfect at-home craft project.  Just trim bottle brushes into a cone shape and paint with your colors of choice.  These make great mantle or table-top decor.

feliz navidad 4


This christmas tree flocked with giant pom-poms is just stunning.  We love how playful but simple it is at the same time!

feliz navidad 5


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