Friday, January 11, 2019

Heavy Metal

Metal and metallic-look paneling is an ultra-glamorous way to add wow factor to your space.  We love the idea of mixing metal paneling with other materials to create a rich and diverse look.  

This stunning kitchen space uses gold paneling on the back of the kitchen peninsula.  Combined with the muted palette in this space, the gold accent really pops.  

Metallic paneling 1



Deep bronze metallic cabinetry paneling adds depth and texture to this kitchen space.  The different shades of brown and depths in the space create a gorgeous result. 

metallic paneling 2



A more-is-more approach is displayed in this all-brass coffee and cocktail bar.  The warmth in the tone of the wood floors plays well with the brass paneling.

metallic paneling 3



A lighter gold tone paneling with a hammered finish is used on all the cabinetry in this kitchen.  Although it seems like a lot of punch for a small space, it really works with reflecting the light and brightening the room.  

metal paneling 4



A black metallic paneling is used in this kitchen resembling Tungsten.  We love the play of the dark metallic cabinetry, sculptural brass range hood and smooth white stone finishes used together.

metalic paneling 5


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