Friday, January 25, 2019

Hospitality Bathrooms

Hospitality and commercial spaces require a different approach than residential projects for many different reasons.  The challenges of high-use space and general human factors make these projects difficult but rewarding.

This space showcases different layers of light that illuminate the gorgeous rough texture in the brick walls and highlight the original art imprinted on it. 

hospitality bath 1



A polished minimal style is used in this bathroom.  We love the sculptural mirrors, faucets and sink basins used, and how each has its individual space.




Back-lit mirrors create a dramatic effect against smooth marble wall tile in this space.  We always love a clean bright white look.

hospitality bath 3



This modern bathroom space gets an organic touch with vertical plant walls.  The pop of green adds a fresh element to the space as well as texture.  

hospitality bath 4



A glamorous Hollywood vibe is displayed in this bathroom space.  Bubblegum pink tiles, palm leaf wallpaper and brass elements create a fabulous look together.  

hospitality bath 5


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