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Friday, September 14, 2018

Dramatic Doorways

Entry ways are the introduction to a space.  The first impression you have when you walk through the door tells you a lot about the experience you are about to have.  Why not have your doorway make an impact and say something about your style?  

This beautiful, contemporary, arched-pivot door creates such a nice contrast against the rough tumbled stone walls.  

dramatic doorways 4



A modern, matte-black metal entry gate creates a striking pop against the smooth, white and concrete structure in the background.  

dramatic doorways 1



This delicate lace-like doorway is a stunning entry statement to this mid-century style residence.  We love that it also creates a trellis for the vines to climb!

dramatic doorways 3



Gorgeous, dual-pivot, warm wood doors create a phenomenal welcome to this residence.  The matching walkway and water reflecting the light below are additional elements that make this entry magical.

dramatic doorways 2



A combination of steel beams and curved matte-black pivoting door make this entry way unique.  The doorway is like a work of art.

dramatic doorways 5


Friday, August 31, 2018

Dreamy Daybeds

Daybeds and chaises are a versatile piece of furniture that can be used in many different spaces.  Some daybeds can function like a deep sofa that can be repurposed into a bed and some can be more like a bench.  No matter the shape, depth or design, daybeds are a fun and unique piece to add to your space.  

A gorgeous marigold colored velvet daybed shines in this living room space.  We love the versatility of this piece!

Daybed 1



This structural chaise has a sophisticated feel that adds a chic charm to the space.  A piece like this is nice as an extra landing or sitting space in the room without being too bulky or blocking other furniture.  

Daybed 2



A more traditional daybed is displayed in this space.  The vintage vibe of the frame paired with the modern sconces and pillows creates an eclectic vibe.

Daybed 3



A sweet rattan daybed is the perfect piece for a large hall space, guest room or office.  Daybeds can be a great solution for rooms where there is little space.  

Daybed 4



This contemporary chaise has a gorgeous architectural quality to it and is almost like a piece of art in the room.  The tones in this space are muted but the art and furniture make quite a statement.  

Daybed 5


Friday, August 17, 2018

Touch of Terrazzo

Terrazzo is a poured composite material containing pieces of glass, granite, quartz or marble and comes in many different variations and colors.  Terrazzo gained great popularity in America in the 1920’s and was used to cover flooring, countertops, furniture and more.  We have seen terrazzo make a comeback in recent years and are loving the updated, contemporary takes we have been seeing!  

This architectural lobby desk is covered in a gorgeous salmon colored terrazzo.  The warm tone of the terrazzo and cool tone of the poured concrete create a nice contrast. 

terrazzo 1



An earthy and contemporary example of terrazzo is displayed in this bathroom space.  A warm grey terrazzo wall and tub platform are accented by pops of black hardware.  

terrazzo 2



A funky multi-colored terrazzo stairwell adds character and charm.  The brass and glossy fluted railing complete the 1920’s vibe.  

terrazzo 3



This large-scale terrazzo bar is a playful take on the traditional style.  The bright colored pieces in the terrazzo pair well with the brightly painted cabinets.  

terrazzo 4



A simple poured concrete terrazzo walkway adds texture and interest to this hall space.  We love how this detail adds a sort of path through the home.  

terrazzo 5



A clean white terrazzo kitchen countertop and backsplash is paired with powder blue cabinetry and Nero Marquina marble to create and eclectic and edgy look. 

terrazzo 6





Friday, August 3, 2018

Bold Bathroom Tile

Brightly colored and bold patterned tiles are a fantastic way to bring life to your bathroom.  Tiles laid or printed in geometric patterns have become very popular over recent years and we can see why!  

A three dimensional cube pattern is printed on these fun bathroom tiles.  We like how the pattern continues all the way from the floor to the sink backsplash.  

bold bathroom tiles 1



How sweet and feminine are these bubble-gum pink bathroom tiles?  This tile looks clean and modern but adds some punch and charm to the space!

bold bathroom tiles 2



This black and white tile has a more traditional feel in this transitional space.  The tile wall has a nice peek-a-boo effect with the pitched ceiling in the shower.  

bold bathroom tiles 4



These vibrant turquoise tiles create such a fun element in this bathroom space.  The tiles appear hand-painted as they vary in color and reminiscent of fish scales! 

bold bathroom tiles 5



A blue and white printed tile creates a backdrop for both the shower and bathroom vanity.  This shade of blue works brilliantly with cool and warm tones in the room.  

bold bathroom tiles 6


Friday, July 20, 2018

Colorful Cabinetry

Adding some color to your kitchen cabinetry is a great way to liven up your space and give it some character.  We have been seeing dark navy cabinetry or a pop-of-blue kitchen island become popular over recent years.  Here are some ideas for painted kitchen cabinetry that you probably haven’t seen!

Mint and turquoise work so perfectly together in this sweet little kitchen.  Choosing two paint colors really works in this space, keeping the lighter color on top and the darker on the bottom.  

Colorful Cabinetry 1



Forest green cabinets paired with all white uppers and a distressed natural wood island work well together in this space.  We love the additional pop of color added by the brightly patterned runner.

Colorful Cabinetry 2



Powdery pink base cabinets look incredible with Carrara marble countertops and natural wood floor.  Little hints of black in the decor pair well with the pink cabinetry.

colorful cabinetry 3



Powdery blue paint covers the cabinetry in this old-world inspired kitchen.  The tile floors even tie in the same blue color!

colorful cabinetry 4



A super funky example of painted cabinetry is displayed in this lofty kitchen.  Bright yellow cabinets are paired with a grayish mauve color.  Taking the paint color all the way up the walls and over the ceiling moldings is an interesting and unexpected element.  

colorful cabinetry 5


Friday, July 6, 2018

Island Envy

We have some island envy going on over here and we aren’t talking about tropical getaways!  Adding a unique feature to a kitchen island will make a big statement in your space.  Whether the material is special or it has a unique shape or architectural feature, these kitchen islands are gorgeous inspirations on how to elevate the room.

How stunning is this contemporary kitchen island?  The combination of countertop materials in white and black add amazing interest and contrast to the space.  

island envy 1 copy



This gorgeous honed black marble kitchen island is earthy and dramatic at the same time.  Paired with warm wood cabinetry, this kitchen is sophisticated and inviting.  

island envy 5



A unique and unconventional shape is created by slabs of Carrara marble in this kitchen.  We love the idea of having different levels of counter space to add dimension.  

island envy 3



Two different materials merge together on this kitchen island.  We love how the detail of the stone is tied into the floor and surround walls as well.

island envy 4



This ethereal and glamorous kitchen island appears to defy gravity.  The cantilevered countertop is perfect for adding interest and creating additional space.  

island envy 2


Friday, June 22, 2018

Ultra Violet

This year’s Pantone color of the year was awarded to ultra violet. We love to see the fun ways that people have been incorporating color into the designs of their spaces.  

The bright purple walls in this sitting space are accentuated by variations of the same purple and blue tones.  This space has both contemporary and traditional design elements working together to create a funky, eclectic look.




We love the idea of doing a bold color on the ceiling!  This variation of ultra violet has a little more red in it, creating a warming overall tone.  



Some ultra violet hued Togo chairs are a fun and casual way to dress up a space. A good way to use the color ultra violet is as a pop of color in an accent chair or sofa.  




A sweet and unexpected touch is found in this ultra violet painted dining table.  The warm toned wood chairs work so well with the vibrant purple color.




To add some elegant drama to your space, you could opt for rich, velvet draperies in a dark ultra violet plum tone.  This example shows how versatile this color is and how it can be used to add mature, luxurious elements to your space or playful quirky ones!



Friday, June 8, 2018

Powder Room Perfection

Powder bathrooms are such a fun space to make unique and funky.  We love to see what ideas people have and how they want to show them off to their guests.  The fact that powder bathrooms are also typically small, allows you to splurge on something you maybe normally wouldn’t or go for the wild idea that would be too much for a larger bathroom.  

This powder bath space is all white, but not lacking in interest.  The texture and pattern of the white tile on the wall and interesting shapes of the mirror and sink basin create a fun and playful design.  

powder 1



We love the simple and clean design of this powder bathroom.  The smoky glass accent decor and back metal mirror with shelf are thoughtful touches.

powder 2



A mix of old world and contemporary styles come together in this powder room.  The gorgeous carved stone sink basin and ornate mirror create an eclectic look with the modern wallpaper.

powder 3



A sleek and feminine powder bathroom is covered in marble and blush pink accents.  The layers of LED lighting add a gorgeous glow to the space.  

powder 4 copy



A bold wallpaper by Kelly Wearstler lines the walls of this powder bathroom.  The black and brass accents add a quirky glamorous edge.  

powder 5


Friday, May 25, 2018

Hospitality Lighting

Hospitality style or custom lighting installations are an incredible way to elevate a space.  We love to draw inspiration from hospitality lighting for many of our residential projects.

This gorgeous light installation features chandeliers made of mother of pearl.  The natural material creates a warm glow and stunning texture.

hospitality lighting 1



A more minimal and modern display of light is shown in this hotel bar.  Twinkling, wire spheres of different sizes are grouped together to provide a delicate and intriguing sparkle.

hospitality lighting 2



This light installation is like a brass sculpture suspended in the air.  The light reflected off of the sculpture creates an appearance of water on the ceiling.

hospitality lighting 3



Delicate ribbons of fabric with light shining through line the ceiling of this hotel lobby.  We love how light and serene the installation makes the space feel.

hospitality lighting 4



Carefully placed panels of wood come together to create 3D geometric forms in this hospitality space.  The space is illuminated by LED lights in between the ceiling panels and funky light wall behind the front desk.  We love the multiple forms and layers of light used in this space.

hospitality lighting 5


Friday, May 4, 2018

Modern Fireplaces

Modern Fireplaces can truly transform a space and double as a work of art.  We love when form meets function to create the most interesting and sculptural space element.

A natural back-lit onyx fireplace really warms up this space in more ways than one.  The play on scale in this example is very interesting as well.  The fireplace itself is quite small but the fascia around it feels grand.

modern fireplaces 1 copy



This industrial and masculine fireplace acts as a divider between spaces.  We love that the space feels open but still transitioned by the fireplace itself.

modern fireplace 2



This modern fireplace has such an architectural quality to it.  The beautiful floating quartz and the simple pane of glass are a minimalist work of art.

modern fireplace 3



A very industrial style fireplace is displayed in this living space.  The concrete, metal and glass offer contrasting textures and add interest to the room.

modern fireplace 4



The smooth white walls, warm polished wood and cool toned natural stone come together to create a sleek modern look.  We love how much impact the fireplace adds to the space, although the design is quite simple.

modern fireplace 5