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Friday, December 1, 2017

Bookcase Styling

Bookcases and shelving are an excellent way to display your artwork, books and other decorative possessions.  We love that it is a practical use of storage and opportunity to create visual interest in a space.

A built in shelving unit with individual workspaces, gets dressed up with pops of emerald green.  An interesting touch is added at the top of the bookcase by flipping the books around backward to create a more uniform look.

Bookcase Styling



We love this black, white and neutral styling scheme.  The raw, natural wood tone and black and white sculptural elements and decorative books pair perfectly together.

Bookcase Styling 2



An all white styling scheme creates a chic look in these minimal, brass shelving units.  A key element to this look was not over-crowding each shelf.

Bookcase Styling 3



A more funky and eclectic styling is displayed in this floor-to-ceiling bookcase.  The colorful books and playful artwork warm the space and make it feel more vibrant.

Bookshelf styling 4



Another fun idea to style your bookcase, is color coordinating your books.  The rug in this space works well, tying in colors from all the books.

Bookshelf styling 5



This bookcase displays a more contemporary and minimalist style.  The bookcase itself is very architectural and is adorned with colorful sculpture and only a few books.  This styling allows you to appreciate each individual piece of decor.

Bookshelf Styling 6


Friday, November 3, 2017

Moody Hues

Taking the plunge, and selecting a bold paint color for your walls can be very intimidating.  However, when the right shade is chosen it can completely transform a room.  We have been crushing on some moody fall paint colors as our current inspiration.

Although red is known to be a warm color, this particular shade feels cool and subdued.  We love that it is unexpected and works so well paired with the tonal furnishings.

moody paint 1



This icy, dark, grey-blue paint color looks fantastic with the vibrant emerald sofas.

moody paint 2



A true dark navy blue pairs beautifully with warm hardwood floors.  The moldings and ceilings painted to match makes for an interesting and quirky detail.

moody paint 3



A sage colored paint works beautifully with warm and cool colors.  We love how earthy and serene this shade is.

moody paint 4



Shades of grey are always a favorite.  The textures and tones in this space feel sleek, luxurious and clean.

moody paint 5



Another gorgeous blue-grey shade is shown in this bedroom space.  The white ceiling moldings and white framed artwork really pop against this color.

moody paint 6


Friday, October 13, 2017

Dining In Style

Dining rooms are spaces that we share special memories with family and friends over the holidays.  Whether your dining area is very formal or more casual, it is a space to come together and enjoy a great meal.  We have been swooning over some gorgeous dining space inspirations as the holidays grow near.

This ultra contemporary and glamorous dining space is highlighted by an Edison bulb installation, suspended from a brass ceiling grid.  We love the gold and grey tones together.

Dining in Style 1



Gorgeous emerald colored dining chairs are the statement in this dining space.  The mix of traditional and contemporary elements work together perfectly to create this posh look.

Dining in Style 2



A clean, feminine, look is offset by the bold and funky light fixture and art.  The colors and tones in this space create a gorgeous contrast and compliment each other well.

Dining in Style 3



We are always fans of a sleek black and white scheme.  Again, the blend of traditional and contemporary styles work together for a winning look.

Dining in Style 4 copy


We love this quirky, non-traditional dining room.  The all white chandelier, black marble table, lucite chairs and contemporary shutters leave plenty for your eyes to look at!

Dining in Style 5



This dining room is all about texture.  The color palette is very tonal and organic; there are so many different textures and shapes that add interest.

Dining in Style 6



Black, white and blush is the theme here!  We love how clean and white this dining space is, allowing the blush chairs and black rug to really pop.

Dining in Style 7


A natural live-edge wooden table, contemporary chandelier and white piano-finish floors work together to create an eclectic loft style dining space.

Dining in Style 8


Friday, September 29, 2017

Mirror Mirror

Mirrors are an excellent opportunity to add character and interest to a bathroom design.  There are so many brilliant and uniquely designed mirrors that are both functional and have a way of elevating the entire look of a space.

A full length, backlit mirror makes a beautiful silhouette behind each sink space in this bathroom.  We love that they kept the design simple and clean with white marble tile and white counters.

mirror mirror 2



How stunning is this sculptural mirror?  The different pieces of mirror connected together are reminiscent of the facets in a diamond.

mirror mirror 3



This bathroom mirror has a simple, minimalist approach.  The thin floor to ceiling design, flanked by black marble brings drama in a subtle way.

mirror mirror 4



Hanging a mirror from the ceiling is another way to add interest with your bathroom mirror design.  We love this cute, circular, vintage brass example.

mirror mirror 5 copy



This sleek, seemingly floating, black mirror, has a gorgeous design and functional little shelf at the bottom.

mirror mirror 6 copy



Another inspired example with a functional shelf is this round mirror with a floating shelf running through the middle.  This mirror would be perfect in a bathroom with a pedestal sink, lacking counter space.

mirror mirror 7



A simple, backlit, rectangular mirror looks dramatic in this dark bathroom.  The layers of light from the pendants, mirror and floor bring the look together.

mirror mirror 8


Friday, September 15, 2017

Exquisite Sofa Details

The perfect sofa is something we find ourselves searching for quite frequently for our clients.  We have come across some amazing, luxurious sofa details that will make you want to get rid of your furniture.

This sofa detail by Versace Home is very clever.  Who doesn’t like a secret hideaway space?  You would never know there was storage hidden in this gorgeous, suede, designer sofa.

Sofa detail 1



We absolutely love the buckle details on the back of the Metropolitan, 3-seater sofa by Fendi Casa.  The sleek chrome details and cream colored leather pair perfectly together.

sofa detail 2



The cane and leather detail on this Hermes sofa are the perfect mix of formal and casual.  The two different arms and added storage give this sofa a quirky vibe that is unexpected.

sofa detail 3



Another clever detail that we have seen a few designers incorporate into their sofa designs are side tables and console tables.  We love that you can use their pieces to create a sectional that works for your space and needs.

sofa detail 5



This thoughtful and artistic detail designed by Bruno Moinard reminds us of origami.  The detail is subtle but so unique.

sofa detail 6



The two different tones and textures of material used on this low sofa sectional feel fun and casual.  The signature Fendi buckle details in matching peanut butter colored leather really pull this design together.

sofa details 4



This sexy gold and black velvet sofa screams glamour!  The curved gold base detail is simple, yet such a bold statement at the same time.

sofa detail 7


Friday, September 1, 2017

Magical Tulum

We have been hearing about how wonderful and unique the town of Tulum is.  The trendy, eco-friendly destination is about an hour and a half from Cancun, Mexico, although it feels worlds away.  A few weeks ago, we made the trek to this place we have heard so much about.  We had to see how special it is for ourselves and experience the magic of Tulum.

Our hotel, Casa Malca, was the dream and creation of Lio Malca.  Lio Malca is an art dealer and gallery owner who turned Pablo Escobar’s former beach estate into the boutique, all-suite hotel that is Casa Malca.  The hotel showcases art all over the property hand-picked by Lio.  The bar attached to the reception lobby showcases a bold wallpaper by Keith Haring.  We love the bold mixture of contemporary art and earthy, eco-friendly finishes.  There is something fantastic, unique and special to behold at every turn.  We highly recommend visiting Casa Malca.

tulum style 1



Gitano is a dreamy jungle bar specializing in crafted mezcal cocktails.  Most of the bars in Tulum are open air with simple wood furnishings; but each one has thoughtful details that never leave your memory.  We love the iconic neon pink sign outside of Gitano.  Guests of Tulum town are drawn to it like fire flies.

tulum style 2



Many of the furnishings and interiors in Tulum are simple and paired down, but not any less thoughtful.  This communal tree-house lounge at Nomade Hotel is an inviting place for a rest or nap.

tulum style 3



The black and white patterned floor tiles and simple wood barstools, create a clean look at Arca.  The light wood paneling and black stone countertop make a sleek contrast against the natural jungle surroundings.

tulum style 4



This bathroom suite at Nomade Tulum is created with natural wood materials and concrete.  The vanity is simple, with a stone sink basin and humble mirror with dim lighting.  Many of the bathrooms in Tulum are designed this way.  It is although they force you to relax and forget the vanities you may be used to paying attention to everyday.

tulum style 5



In this image you can see the eclectic style of Casa Malca.  There are contemporary furnishings and art sculptures, paired with rustic finishes and white stucco.

tulum style 8



This kitchen and bar also showcases natural wicker and wood elements with white stucco walls and grey and white patterned tiles.  Many of the kitchens in Tulum are designed as an open concept so that guests can see the fresh preparation of the local cuisine.




Friday, August 11, 2017

Market 2017

Las Vegas Market is a huge event in the world of interior design.  Every year designers and buyers have the opportunity to view new collections and discover new talent and resources in furniture and home decor.  This years’ market left our heads spinning with new vendors to be excited about as well as viewing gorgeous pieces in person from old favorites!

The funky Ferrett bed from Noir Furniture is a piece we love.  It was fun to finally see and feel the great quality behind Noir’s product.

lvmkt1 copy



Another home accessories and furniture company that was great to see in person was Arteriors.  The mix of contemporary and classic styles come together to create the most gorgeous pieces.

lvmkt 2



How gorgeous is this chair by Palecek?  The bohemian, yet refined look of all of Palecek’s pieces make them very unique.  We love Palecek’s distinctive style and how they have the perfect balance of earthy and modern design.




Christopher Guy’s showroom at Las Vegas Market was absolutely stunning.  His over-the-top glamorous style is unparalleled by any other designers we have seen.  His sexy, signature curvilinear furniture pieces will leave you in awe.  This lighting installation of crystal rings makes quite the statement.

lvmkt4 copy


Gold Leaf Design Group is another amazing company that we discovered at Market.  One of their very popular art accessories is called Wall Play.  Tiny sculptures that can be purchased individually, that screw directly into the wall, are arranged to create art installations.  Gold Leaf provides many different styles and designs so that you can personalize your wall installation!

lvmkt5 copy


A new designer discovery that we made at Market was Nick Alain.  His work is like a steam-punk fantasy dream come true.  His pieces are adorned with nuts, bolts, gears, jewels and crystals.  If you are looking for something unique, and love all things gothic and glamorous, Nick Alain’s designs are for you.

lvmkt6 copy


Friday, July 28, 2017

Office Space

The space where you work is a place that you want to feel calm and organized but also energized and inspired.  The design of your office may depend on your work,   whether it is a creative occupation that requires displays of influence and current projects, a place to meet clients or a space for storing books and files to be neatly organized.  Your office space should be your own sanctuary.

This beautiful office space uses a black book shelf wall as storage but it also doubles as art.  The colorful books really pop on the dark wall.  We also love the beautiful patterned floor and fun light fixture.

office space 1Source:


This office space utilizes gold bookshelves to store books and decorative items.  We especially love the funky clear acrylic table paired with the more traditional rug.

office space 2



This clean and contemporary office feels light and airy, but still has an edgy vibe to it.  The built in shelving lights add an interesting element to the space, as well as the oversized desk lamp.

Office space 4



Although the color palette in this office space is made up of neutrals, tons of interest is added with texture.  The wall tiles, different fabrics of the furniture, rug and the wood flooring work to create interesting contrast and balance.

office space 5



This space is a little more unconventional with its format.  We love the relaxed arrangement of furniture and art as well as the eclectic mixtures of traditional and contemporary styles of the furniture and wall moldings.

office space 6


A much more laid back and artistic energy is displayed in this work space.  The funky and casual mixture of furnishings and display of artwork make this the perfect little artists’ nook.

office space 7 copy



Friday, July 14, 2017

Contemporary Pools

The summer is for spending time in the water, especially in this extreme Arizona heat!  There is no better time than the middle of the summer to daydream about some awesome pool designs.  Having a backyard oasis in the Southwest is a must!

The sleek, contemporary design of this backyard pool is perfect for those wanting a smaller, low maintenance option.  Just enough space to take a dip and makes a beautiful backdrop for outdoor parties.  We love the water feature and light installation on the concrete wall.

pools 1



How stunning is the sculptural water feature in this pool?  Adding an artistic element to your contemporary pool design is an awesome way to personalize the space and add character.

pools 2



Another stunning artistic feature is displayed in this pool below.  The cantilevered, wooden water feature creates a statement that runs across the floor all the way into the pool.  We love how it ties in with the fascia of the building.

pools 3Source:


A pool that runs from inside the house to the outside, is the ultimate luxury!  This pool is truly incorporated into the design of the house.

pools 4



We love how simple and clean the white tiles look in this pool and spa combo. The slightly raised spa and platform step display a thoughtful yet minimalist design.




The all white design of this outdoor pool space is so serene and refreshing.  We love the gradual pool steps and the giant, funky white planter pots.

pools 6



This sunken in seating area allows you to feel like you are in the water without getting wet, and enjoy the view from the infinity edge.  This design element is so versatile, it could also be used as a swim up bar, or covered to make a platform for entertainment at parties.

pools 7


Friday, June 30, 2017

Glass and Stone

One of the most beautiful ways for architecture and design to come together is the melding of old and new.  An old farmhouse, manufacturing plant or historical building can be reworked with modern materials such as glass and concrete to make a contemporary masterpiece.  The mix of the contrasting styles and textures together makes for a fantastic outcome.

This old brick building was given a modern facelift with an ultra-contemporary open concept addition.  We love how striking the two styles are together.

old and new 3Source:


How stunning is the illusion of this historical, stone building crumbling away to reveal a contemporary building made of glass and steel?  We love the creativity used in this work.

Old and New 1 copySource:


Another beautiful example of an old brick factory building, re-worked into something new.  The addition of the smooth, white stucco and glass create a unique pairing.

Old and New 2Source:


Larger, natural stones were used for the exterior walls in this old farm house, turned contemporary marvel.  The floor to ceiling glass entryway is a stunning feature.

old and new 4



An interesting idea to preserve the interior of an old brick building is to seal it with glass!  We love how gorgeous these walls look preserved behind glass like a piece of art.

Old and new 7 copySource:


Albert Frey’s Palm Springs house features a unique mix of glass and stone, as the house is built directly into the side of the mountain.  This work has become a land mark and destination for lovers of modern architecture.

old and new 6



Here is an example of an interior view of an old stone house, remodeled with contemporary elements and glass.  The light that it brings to this dining space and textural charm are just perfect!

old and new 5