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Friday, March 8, 2019

Architectural Botanicals

Branchy botanicals are a great way to add some fresh drama to the decor in your space.  We have reviewed some examples of gorgeous botanicals and ways to arrange them. 

These feathery green branches look stunning on this console table.  We love to style by pairing a fresh element with decorative sculptural objects and coffee table books.




This adorable console table displays a few small green plants with a large dried branch in a glass vase.  Using varied heights is important in styling.  




A large Japanese Cherry Blossom branch is stuck in a vase for a simple but impactful arrangement.  We love the unexpected and intriguing element.




Magnolia leaf branches always make a stunning arrangement with their striking colors and height.  Arranging them in smoked and amber vases works well as shown in this styled image.




Sweet white floral branches create a stunning impact on this entry table.  The bits of yellow in the flowers pick up on the upholstery in the ottomans as well for a nice touch!



Friday, February 22, 2019

Console Styling

Console tables are a versatile piece of furniture in a space. Consoles always require some styling that helps elevate a space with finishing decor.  We love discovering new ways to style consoles and bring a personal touch to a client’s home. 

This clean and modern console is styled with black and white books, sculptural art and simple decorative objects.  Stacking coffee table books with a heavy object such as a bowl or decorative weight is a great styling tip.

console style 1



An all neutral look is displayed on this natural cane console.  We love the simple organic vibe of the objects paired with the bold and modern bronze lamp.

console style 2



A wrap around console is perfect for extra storage.  This console table is doubling as a mini library and looks fantastic.  Mixing in decorative objects breaks up the books and creates interest and intention.

console style 3



An architectural and modern console table is flocked by a tall floor lamp and large botanical display.  This is the perfect example of how balance is important in styling. 

console style 4



A rich wood console table is styled with sculptural objects and framed artwork.  Leaning framed artwork on a console table creates a a funky casual vibe, especially when layered with larger pieces that are hung on the wall.

console style 6


Friday, February 8, 2019

Gorgeous Gallery Walls

A fabulous framed gallery wall is the perfect way to display photographs and artwork.  There are many different ways to make a gallery wall your own, whether you prefer a more minimalist look or a funky eclectic one.  

A modern black and white gallery wall is displayed in this space.  We love the bold look of the frames going floor to ceiling, and keeping all the frames and matting streamlined.  




This living space is decorated with a colorful art gallery wall.  The mismatched colors and shaped frames create a playful look that inspires.  




A neutral gallery wall with white a natural wood frames are filled with black and white photos and pencil drawings.  The unconventional arrangement of the frames and artwork creates a unique display.




A quirky way to adorn a small space is with a dense corner gallery wall.  The black frames and brass accents pair nicely together.  




Using floating shelves is a great way to create a gallery wall that you can change often and rearrange.  Two long shelves can hold many sizes of art arranged in many different configurations.



Friday, January 25, 2019

Hospitality Bathrooms

Hospitality and commercial spaces require a different approach than residential projects for many different reasons.  The challenges of high-use space and general human factors make these projects difficult but rewarding.

This space showcases different layers of light that illuminate the gorgeous rough texture in the brick walls and highlight the original art imprinted on it. 

hospitality bath 1



A polished minimal style is used in this bathroom.  We love the sculptural mirrors, faucets and sink basins used, and how each has its individual space.




Back-lit mirrors create a dramatic effect against smooth marble wall tile in this space.  We always love a clean bright white look.

hospitality bath 3



This modern bathroom space gets an organic touch with vertical plant walls.  The pop of green adds a fresh element to the space as well as texture.  

hospitality bath 4



A glamorous Hollywood vibe is displayed in this bathroom space.  Bubblegum pink tiles, palm leaf wallpaper and brass elements create a fabulous look together.  

hospitality bath 5


Friday, January 11, 2019

Heavy Metal

Metal and metallic-look paneling is an ultra-glamorous way to add wow factor to your space.  We love the idea of mixing metal paneling with other materials to create a rich and diverse look.  

This stunning kitchen space uses gold paneling on the back of the kitchen peninsula.  Combined with the muted palette in this space, the gold accent really pops.  

Metallic paneling 1



Deep bronze metallic cabinetry paneling adds depth and texture to this kitchen space.  The different shades of brown and depths in the space create a gorgeous result. 

metallic paneling 2



A more-is-more approach is displayed in this all-brass coffee and cocktail bar.  The warmth in the tone of the wood floors plays well with the brass paneling.

metallic paneling 3



A lighter gold tone paneling with a hammered finish is used on all the cabinetry in this kitchen.  Although it seems like a lot of punch for a small space, it really works with reflecting the light and brightening the room.  

metal paneling 4



A black metallic paneling is used in this kitchen resembling Tungsten.  We love the play of the dark metallic cabinetry, sculptural brass range hood and smooth white stone finishes used together.

metalic paneling 5


Friday, December 28, 2018

Light and Bright

The New Year inspires change, a clean slate and making updates to your life and your home.  Some light, white and neutral interiors have been serving major inspiration this week.  We love the idea of a bright, light clean space as a fresh start this year!

This stunning white living room feels clean and serene.  The natural wood ceiling paneling and light fixture add a nice warmth to the space.  

light and bright 1



Clean white walls are paired with natural, raw wood furnishings and details.  Sculptural throw pillows and light fixtures add an unexpected element.  

light and bright 2



Dramatic ceilings and pristine white sofas are complimented by subtle black details.  The soft grey draperies and grand marble fireplace complete this gorgeous space.  

light and bright 3



A bright white hotel lobby uses white marble and architectural ceiling panels to create layers of light.  

light and bright 4



Another gorgeous warm and bright space is displayed in this bedroom.  The light warm wood and carved, backlit marble add additional light to this bright space.

light and bright 5


Saturday, December 15, 2018

Feliz Navidad

This holiday season we are loving all of the quirky and colorful decor we are seeing!  Why go with the traditional green and red when you can use all the colors?  These Christmas decor ideas are inspired by handmade crafts and textiles found in Southern Mexico.  This boho style celebrates color and is a funky way to liven up your holiday decorations.

A hot pink Christmas tree and paper garland steal the spotlight in this living space.  We love the addition of colorful hand made gift wrappings.  

Feliz navidad 1



Shades of teal and pink liven up this sweet little mantle.  A white christmas tree is the perfect backdrop for all colors of ornaments and decor!

feliz navidad 2



A perfect do-it-yourself project is making a pom-pom wreath out of various sized pom-poms and bells!  

feliz navidad 3



Bottle-brush trees are another perfect at-home craft project.  Just trim bottle brushes into a cone shape and paint with your colors of choice.  These make great mantle or table-top decor.

feliz navidad 4


This christmas tree flocked with giant pom-poms is just stunning.  We love how playful but simple it is at the same time!

feliz navidad 5


Friday, November 30, 2018

Incredible Co-Work Spaces

Co-work spaces have become very popular over recent years and it is no surprise why.  More companies are moving toward a non-traditional or more flexible work environment that supports their employees lifestyles.  

This gorgeously designed co-work space in New York City uses industrial and polished elements to create a funky and refined environment to work in.

co-work 1


A light and transitional style is displayed in this communal work space.  The mixture of collaborative table space and lounge style furniture are ideal elements in co-work spaces. 

co-work 2


Sleek black and white finishes and decor create a contemporary work space worth working in.  We love this example of co-work space for its chic and edgy style.

co-work 3


An eclectic warehouse style work space in Chicago is home to Motorola Mobility.  The diverse seating in this space offers a tailored experience to each user.

co-work 4


This edgy co-work space has major living room lounge vibes.  The more casual lounge furniture and open concept would be ideal for events as well.

co-work 5


Friday, November 16, 2018

Black and White

The sophisticated and timeless appeal of a black and white design scheme is one of our favorite looks.  You can never go wrong with the beautiful contrast that is created between black and white.  

This living space is a mostly white design studded with subtle black accents in the window systems and light fixtures.  black and white 1



The rich black floors and furniture in this space are accented by a bright white sofa and black and white door moldings. 

black and white 2



A funkier design is displayed in this living space.  Black and white furniture is combined with luxurious silver textiles and artwork.

black and white 3



A clean and contemporary design is shown in this kitchen space.  We love the all white kitchen with gorgeous marble counter tops and sleek matte black track lighting.

black and white 4



This Bohemian-chic black and white bedroom is a dream come true.  The dramatic bed draperies and striped black and white textiles pull the look together. 

black and white 5


Friday, October 26, 2018

Something Green

The power of adding a live green element to a space is transformative.  House plants add a special natural touch to the room and are good for your health!  Certain kinds of plants are known to help cleanse the air and create a calm, uplifting environment.

Two beautiful Fiddle Leaf Fig trees are potted in natural woven baskets in this living space.  We love the casual nature of the fiddle leaf fig and how resilient they are!




Tropical potted plants are an excellent choice for adding lushness to your space.  We love the combination of smooth natural concrete and white pots.  

green 2



A more Southwestern vibe is displayed in this curated space with an adorable potted prickly pear cactus.  The informal nature of this space is inviting and the cactus adds the perfect pop of color.  

green 3



These funky potted plants are sometimes referred to as Chinese Money Plants.  We love the playful vibe they add to a console table or dresser.

green 4



This potted Bonsai tree is absolutely stunning.  Using a larger potted tree to add a sculptural element to a space is one of our favorite uses of plants as decor.

green 5



Humble olive trees are low maintenance and add a sweet rustic charm to any living space.  Potted trees are a great way to fill space and add a lively vibrant element to your design.

green 6