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Friday, May 4, 2018

Modern Fireplaces

Modern Fireplaces can truly transform a space and double as a work of art.  We love when form meets function to create the most interesting and sculptural space element.

A natural back-lit onyx fireplace really warms up this space in more ways than one.  The play on scale in this example is very interesting as well.  The fireplace itself is quite small but the fascia around it feels grand.

modern fireplaces 1 copy



This industrial and masculine fireplace acts as a divider between spaces.  We love that the space feels open but still transitioned by the fireplace itself.

modern fireplace 2



This modern fireplace has such an architectural quality to it.  The beautiful floating quartz and the simple pane of glass are a minimalist work of art.

modern fireplace 3



A very industrial style fireplace is displayed in this living space.  The concrete, metal and glass offer contrasting textures and add interest to the room.

modern fireplace 4



The smooth white walls, warm polished wood and cool toned natural stone come together to create a sleek modern look.  We love how much impact the fireplace adds to the space, although the design is quite simple.

modern fireplace 5


Friday, April 20, 2018

Statement Sofas

Statement sofas and love seats are an awesome way to add huge impact to a space.  An upholstered piece in an interesting shape, color or texture can really elevate a design.

A moody, dark room is accentuated by a fun squiggly shaped sofa with a brass base.  The design of the sofa feels playful but polished.




This space is light, bright, and displays multiple statement sofas.  The bright white room is the perfect blank canvas for bold emerald and burnt orange velvet!




We love how pretty and feminine this rosy pink sofa is.  The contrast of the traditional space and contemporary sofa work beautifully together.  SS3



This neutral space is given life with shape and texture.  The curvy, modern lines of the sofa add an unexpected element to this sitting area.




A quirky upholstered sofa adds an interesting conversation piece to this lofty space.  We love the casual, industrial vibe in this design.

SS5 copy


This sofa design by Kelly Wearstler has always been one of our favorites.  The textural folds added in the gold fabric really display such beautiful craft and attention to detail.



Friday, April 6, 2018

Beautiful Breakfast Nooks

Breakfast nooks or eat-in banquettes are a perfect design solution for saving space.  We love how practical they are for families and the casual, cozy appeal that they add to a space.

This mid-century style dining nook feels warm and inviting, yet modern.  The space utilizes the beautiful views and eliminates the excess furniture.

BB 1



We love the lofty appeal of this adorable breakfast nook.  The vintage windows add charm and an interesting backdrop to the space.  This space is perfect for dining or lingering!

BB 2



The design of this breakfast nook is very versatile.  The built-in banquette could easily double as a reading bench and the additional furniture could be stored to create more space.

BB 3



This light and bright breakfast nook is so dreamy.  The solid bench is ideal for keeping the space clean, while throw pillows are added for style and comfort.

BB 4



How charming is this tiny breakfast nook?  This dining area is the perfect space-saving solution; all you need is a corner, bistro table and two chairs!  We love the black and white theme with adorable cane bistro chairs.

BB 5


Friday, March 23, 2018

Modern Mud Rooms

Mud Rooms, Key-Drops, and Laundry or Multi-Purpose rooms are an important space in a family home.  This space needs to be functional and well-designed.  Some mud rooms are just a landing space to put on your shoes or gather your things and others are valuable storage areas for back packs, sports equipment, you name it!

The clean, light design of this mud room cabinetry is beautiful.  The upper cabinetry provides concealed storage, while the lower cabinetry displays a translucent material that softens the design and gives it a playful touch.

mud room 1



This mud room uses open-style lockers for hanging coats and bags.  We love the deep grey-navy color of the cabinetry paired with the brass accent fixtures.

mud room 2



The ultra modern key drop area below offers less storage space, but is stunning.  The beautiful floating wood bench is like art all on its own.  The contrasting textures of the natural wood, smooth white tiles and concrete floors create a fantastic combination.

mud room 3 copy



This combination of charcoal painted cabinetry and caramel colored leather is a winning pair.  The concealed storage below in the bench is an ideal place for keeping shoes.

mud room 4



Dual vertical storage with smooth walnut doors and a sweet little bench in-between create a chic mud room.  We love how this contemporary look still maintains a warm and cozy vibe.

mud room 5



A funky little cut out creates a landing space in this mud room area.  This is an interesting idea for those lacking the extra space!

mud room 6


Friday, March 9, 2018

Butcher Block

Butcher block and wood counter tops are a beautiful and versatile addition to any kitchen space.  We love the looks of a small section of butcher block in a kitchen for the at-home chef or an entire kitchen with beautiful wood countertops.

Natural wood tones work beautifully with colorful painted cabinetry.  The navy cabinets shown in this kitchen, paired with brass pulls and fixtures, work perfectly with the waterfall edge butcher block.

butcher block 1



This adorable kitchen features contrasting black cabinetry and a light wood-topped bar.  The patterned tile and laser cut metal barstools add some charm to the space.

butcher block 2



For those who don’t want to care for an entire kitchen of butcher block, a small section is ideal!  This transitional style kitchen with white cabinetry looks beautiful with the built in butcher block .

butcher block 3



A more architectural example is displayed in this modern kitchen.  We love the warm grey and earthy wood tones together.  This configuration is perfect for entertaining!

butcher block 4



An interesting twist to consider trying with wood countertops is a herringbone pattern.  The pattern adds a special element to this otherwise simple design.

butcher block 5 copy



This is another gorgeous example of textures and contrasts working together!  The rough concrete wall, smooth warm wood and grey-green cabinetry create such a stunning combination of finishes in the space.

butcher block 6



Friday, February 23, 2018

Stylish Children’s Rooms

Children’s rooms are so much fun to design.  We have been gathering some inspiration for a new project full of whimsy and modern elements.  It is a challenge to balance the quircky and bold designs that little ones desire, while trying to make choices that won’t go out of style too quickly.

This shared girls’ room is sweet and mature.  We love the touch of bohemian textiles with contemporary artwork on the walls.  Keeping a shared room light and bright helps the space feel open.

girls room 1 copy



A fantastic watercolor cactus wallpaper is perfect for a boy or girls room.  Although the print is bold and fun, it would be great for all ages, even adults!

kids room



This darling bedroom features warm hues of pink and gold.  The funky sputnik chandelier and wicker chair swing are playful elements that any little girl would get excited over.

girls room 2 copy



A boys room with a grown up mid-century flair is perfect in this small space.  This design would be ideal for a grandchild’s room doubling as a guest room.

kids room 3



Ultra-chic floral wallpaper is an excellent choice for older girls transitioning into their teens.  Keeping the furniture neutral and comfortable is a timeless choice.

kids room 6



A quaint, vintage-inspired design is displayed in this bedroom space.  The natural jute rug and antique metal bed are sweet touches that pull this look together.

kids room 7




Friday, February 9, 2018

Rustic Meets Modern

Mixing traditional and modern design elements together can create interior magic.  We love designs that give an old building or home new spark, while keeping some of its traditional integrity.  Whether the traditional elements are original or only made to look that way, we are still crazy for this look.

These rustic, salvaged ceiling beams and cabinetry add a charming element to this sleek open space.  Of course, the fantastic black marble island doesn’t hurt either!

RM 1


The rough texture of the brick walls in this space create amazing contrast against all of the smooth finishes.  The palette in the space is kept neutral, but there is so much texture keeping the eye busy.

RM 2



Sleek, modern wood paneling lines the walls and kitchen island as a new element in the space.  The stone floors appear aged, offering a rough texture in contrast to the other smooth elements in the kitchen.

RM 3



A reddish brick is displayed in this gorgeous open living space.  The warmth and brightness it adds with the white counters and cabinetry make the space so inviting.  We also love the mix of traditional and contemporary decorative fixtures used by the designer.

RM 5



Another light and bright example is displayed in this kitchen space.  The stone kitchen backsplash feels earthy and serene.  We love the simple raw woods used for the cabinetry also.

RM 6


Friday, January 26, 2018

Lean On Me

A casual, fun and edgy way to display art is by leaning it rather than hanging it.  This is a different way to style with artwork and mirrors that gives a relaxed lofty vibe.  These examples show different ways to display art by leaning it in various ways and in different spaces.

This example displays two tall pieces of art set on top of a shelf-like bench.  This arrangement adds interest to the corner of the room as well as adding height.  We love that they mixed some sculpture pieces in with the arrangement as well.

Lean 1



Another interesting way of leaning art in a room is with a thin shelf that runs all the way around the room.  This example doesn’t require any damage to the beautiful wall moldings and allows you to switch the art out easily with your changing tastes.

Lean 2



If a piece of art is large enough it may even work to have it leaning from the ground.  The proper space and low furniture are necessary for viewing the art at eye level.  We love the punch this quirky photograph adds.

Lean 3



Another example that we love is mixing or layering art hung on the wall and leaned against the wall.  These black and white pieces pair perfectly together with the contrast they create.

Lean 4



A more popular display that we see often is when a mix of framed art and other pieces are organized in a collection on top of a mantle.  We still love this look and its easy for anyone who has a mantle or shelf to accomplish!

Lean 5



A favorite example of this styling trick is displayed in this gorgeous kitchen.  We love that the often neglected space above the cabinetry and appliances has been transformed into an art gallery.  The marble and brass shelf displays an art collection against the most beautiful forest green paint.

Lean 6








Friday, January 12, 2018

Velvet Barstools

Velvet has been used by interior designers to add an element of texture and richness for many years.  Lately we have been seeing furniture designers release beautiful new pieces covered in brightly colored velvets.  We are loving this trend of old meets new and wanted to share some velvet covered barstools that we have been coveting.

Gorgeous mustard colored velvet and brass barstools add a luxurious vintage charm to this cozy Parisian bar.

velvet barstools



A more modern rendition is displayed by these blush-pink barstools.  The ultra-feminine shade of pink and organic shape work perfectly together.

velvet barstools 2



These chic and cozy barstools were just released in CB2’s new collection.  The barstools are offered in two different colors and are an affordable option on this gorgeous trend.

Velvet barstools 3



Brightly colored teal barstools make a fantastic statement in this sweet little kitchen bar.  The polished brass accents and white tile finishes work well with the cool tones and create great contrast.

velvet barstools 4



A more cozy and transitional velvet barstool is displayed in this restaurant bar.  The warm grey velvet and wood finish create a more neutral, earthy look.

velvet barstools 5



These deep, forest-green velvet barstools are the ultimate in sophistication.  The gold piping detail, sculpted wood legs and brass accents compliment the green velvet well.

velvet 7



Brilliant burnt orange velvet looks stunning paired with shadowy bar lighting.  This example shows how versatile velvet can be when used as an upholstery material.  Velvet look gorgeous in every color!

velvet barstools 6


Friday, December 29, 2017

Sculpted Wood Chairs

Sculpted Wood chairs have been our favorite furniture crush lately.  We love how each chair is unique and has such beautiful attention to detail.  Sculpted wood chairs add an organic element to a space and pair beautifully with contemporary and transitional styles.

This wood and leather armchair uses a nice sandy blonde raw wood that has great contrast with the black leather upholstery.

Bentwood 1 copy 2



Another beautiful example of sculpted wood armchairs is displayed in this gathering space.  The collection of different wooden chairs and tables works together to create a relaxed but polished vibe.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset



Bright, sculpted wood dining chairs liven up this hotel restaurant.  The organic shape of the chairs offers a nice contrast to all of the right angles and lines in the space.

Bentwood 3



This living space uses two different sculpted wood armchairs to create an eclectic boho style.

Bentwood 4



We love the detail in this sculpted wood and leather armchair.  This living room space really showcases how versatile sculpted wood armchairs can be.  A slip-covered sofa, brass side table and very contemporary, industrial coffee table also share the space.  All of the pieces work together beautifully to create a winning look.

Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 1.55.16 PM