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Friday, June 16, 2017

Destination Interiors

The summer season always gives us the itch to travel and explore.  One of the exciting parts of traveling is discovering unknown beauty in a faraway place.  Some of these exotic hotel interiors have us thinking we should book a plane ticket and cross some of these places off our lists.

How glamorous is this private South African villa?  Although the interior is simple and raw it also feels so rich and luxurious with all of the different woods and freestanding tub.

Destination Interiors 1 copy



Tulum has some of the cutest and most romantic little places to stay, eat and drink.  Coqui Coqui has always been a famous spot to stop.  The romantic bohemian vibe of this boutique hotel has us longing for a visit.

Destination Interiors 2



The eclectic interior of this guest house in Bali feels relaxing yet energetic.  The pops of color, low comfy seating and tons of natural light make this space somewhere we want to be.

Destination Interiors 3 copy



There are endless amounts of eye catching beauty in Marrakech.  One of the most famous beauties is The Royal Mansour Hotel.  The stunning, all white, lace-like, Moroccan walls feel like a wonderful dream.

Destination Interiors 4 copy


The Four Seasons in Chiang Mai, Thailand has guest rooms with the most opulent Southeast Asian flare.  The intricacy in the wall designs and textiles spares no attention to detail.

Destination Interiors 5



The Thompson Hotel properties are always a trendy place to lay your head.  We love the muted colors and mid century style interiors against the blue Cabo San Lucas water.  The beautiful printed floor tile and patterned rug are subtle hints of Mexican style.

Destination Interiors 6 copy



A stunning hotel that has been on the bucket list for some time now is the Viceroy Anguilla.  Kelly Wearstler collaborated on the interiors for the property and that is enough to make us want to visit!  A unique, funky and earthy vibe gives us all the feels!

Destination Interiors 7


Friday, June 2, 2017

Cane Crush

Cane and rattan furniture have a long history in the interior design world.  This eco- friendly material is both light and sturdy.  We love looking at the ways that it has evolved over the years.  Many furniture designers have created unique masterpieces that resemble sculptural art.  Due to the flexible nature of the cane materials, artists can have freedom with shape and form.

These modern cane armchairs have a gorgeous organic shape that resembles a butterfly.  We love the black lacquered finish paired with the natural caneCane Crush 1Source:


Another gorgeous example of black lacquered and natural cane chairs is displayed in this stunning restaurant in Paris.  The hues of green in luxurious materials mixed with modern and vintage light fixtures pull this look together well.

Cane Crush 3


This sweet little guest room headboard adds such quaint detail to the room.

Cane Crush 6



These classic Dunbar armchairs by Edward Wormley are still highly sought after by furniture collectors and interior designers.  The details in the construction of this chair are perfection.

cane crush 5 copy



This series of furniture by Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi offer a unique look with elegant, colorful upholstery and woven cane detail at the top.

Cane Crush 2



The Weiner Chair by Gabriella Asztalos is an all-time favorite.  The form of the chair is very feminine and elegant.

Cane Crush 4



More accessible options of caned furniture have taken inspiration from famous designers of the past.  This bed from CB2 would be a great addition to a guest bedroom space.

cane crush 8 copy


Friday, May 19, 2017

Brilliant Bisazza Mosaics

Bisazza, an Italian glass manufacturer, makes some of the most beautiful and intricate glass mosaics we have ever seen.  We had a presentation with our Bisazza representative recently to review their new products and learn about their fine production process.  We thought we would share some of our favorite designs that we were inspired by!

This fantastic display below is at the Bisazza headquarters in Italy.  We love the ultra feminine and funky mosaic of roses paired with the houndstooth patterned floor.

Bisazza Mosaics 1 copy



An incredibly detailed portrait in glass tiles is a huge statement for a bathroom wall.

Bisazza Mosaics 2



A gorgeous blue and white floral mosaic lines the wall and floor of this contemporary lap pool.  What a clever use of these fine Italian glass tiles; and even better that they can be appreciated from inside the house.

Bisazza Mosaics 3 copy



A simpler, but no less dazzling mosaic is done in glass tiles set with 24 karat gold leaf.  We love how this mosaic feels luxurious, contemporary and funky at the same time.

Bisazza Mosaics 5 copy



A very playful mosaic of fossils and bones is displayed in this space.  Bisazza has fantastic traditional designs as well as many innovative and funky designs to choose from.

Bisazza Mosaics 6 copy



Another beautiful floral design is displayed in unique grey and turquoise colors.  The layers of lighting look beautiful against the glass tiles.

Bisazza mosaics 7 copy


Friday, May 5, 2017

Stunning Wall Upholstery

Wall upholstery is a great way to give a luxurious, formal and custom look to any space.  There are many different styles of upholstering as well as endless options in fabric and material.

One way to use wall upholstery is to create custom panels that connect with the bench seating below.  We love how this example is clean and light and has a hospitality feel to it.

wall upholstery 1 copy



Bedroom walls are a very popular choice for upholstered paneling.  Again, it is an easy way to achieve a high-end, customized look.  We love the varying thicknesses in this vertical paneling.

wall upholstery 6



Some funky leather upholstered tiles by Studio Art make a statement on this wall.  The idea of pre upholstered tiles is an awesome and achievable way to obtain the custom upholstered look!

wall upholstery 2



A common or traditional example of upholstered walls is displayed in this design by David Hicks.  The light pattern is just subtle enough to not over power the room.

wall upholstery 3



For the channeled upholstery lovers, this horizontal channeling offers a more funky look with a lot of impact.  Velvets makes for a very nice fabric selection when doing a channeled pattern.

wall upholstery 4



We like how this upholstered look incorporates both vertical and horizontal shapes into the design.  The muted tones and soft finishes make for a tranquil feeling space.

wall upholstery 5


Friday, April 21, 2017

Playing with Pattern

Bold patterns add a ton of quirkiness and character to a space.  It can be difficult to add more than one bold pattern to a room, as they often compete with each other.  However, when you make multiple patterns work in a room together, they marry well and create a winning look.  We love these examples below that play patterns together and create bold, but somehow cohesive designs.

The brightly colored wallpaper and rug add a ton of pattern to the room; but the pink and gold hues pull them together and compliment each other well.  We also love the street art style painting of Frida!

Playing with pattern 1



This gorgeous bar designed by Kelly Wearstler showcases a pattern on the ceiling.  The muted blue tones in the stone, floor and furniture tie the whole look together.

Playing with pattern 2



The vibrant turquoise polka dots of the area rug steal the show in this living space.

Playing with pattern 3



Bold power-patterns can be black and white too!  The walls and floors of this powder bath create quite an impact!

Playing with pattern 4



A playful pattered stair runner is a unique way to add print to a room and a little bit unexpected!

Playing with pattern 5 copy



The feminine pinks and purples in these two prints show how using two colorful prints together can work if they are paired well.

playing with pattern 6


Friday, April 7, 2017

Southern Style

An upcoming trip to Nashville has us daydreaming about all of the quaint Southern style and charm the city may have to offer.  We love the mix of rustic and contemporary interior touches and how they come together to create a fun, inviting and quirky atmosphere.  We can not wait to visit some of the below spaces and swoon over the gorgeous details.

The walls of Pinewood Social Restaurant are lined with black and white vintage photographs from floor to ceiling.  We love how the photographs are used like wallpaper!

southern style 1 copySource:

The warm golden tones in this hotel lobby feel comforting and quaint.  The art and decorative pillows offer a nod to old world western style, while the furniture mixes in a bit of mid-century modern taste.

Southern style 2 copy



This Urban Cowboy Bed and Breakfast has a funky eclectic feel that it makes it unique.  The rich upholstered bench seating maximizes seating space in this cozy little living room.

southern style 10



The LA Jackson bar in the Thompson Hotel has an elevated and updated style, with an open and social seating concept.  The light and bright colors feel fresh, while the tiled walls offer some texture and interest.

southern style 5



The Draper James store by Reese Witherspoon, is a lifestyle shop of all things southern living.  We love the vibrant colors and details that offer a more contemporary take on southern style.

southern style 6 copy



This boutique hotel’s traditional window coverings and moldings mixed with some funky color and art make for the sweetest guest rooms.  We love the light and bright feel and the combination of dusty navy and hot pink.

southern style 7



The Public House Bar and Kitchen has a very rustic design.  The pattern in the wood and industrial style of the Edison bulb light fixtures add some funky detail to the design.

southern style 8 copy


The Marsh House is one of the most popular new restaurants at the Thompson hotel in Nashville.  The light fixtures and furniture mix contemporary and traditional styles to create a look all their own.

southern style 9


Friday, March 24, 2017

Gorgeous Game Rooms

Luxurious and sophisticated may not be the first words that come to mind when thinking of game rooms.  However, why not?  These ultra sleek and contemporary entertainment spaces have inspired us to imagine beyond the obvious.  Typically game rooms are left with a casual style and some would say, lack of style.  Today you can find billiard tables, ping pong tables and other gaming tables with brilliant contemporary designs.  We explored some of the options and found examples that have inspired us.

This funky and glamorous game room features exotic taxidermy, glossy black ceiling and wall moldings and a contemporary crystal chandelier.  We love the unexpected touches that make this game room the center of attention.

modern game room



A sexy thin, carved pool table is the main event in this game room.  The table itself is such an interesting piece of art with the contrast of contemporary and traditional wood carving.

modern game room 2



This glamorous gold and ivory game room is the perfect social gathering space.  The beautiful artwork and varied seating make an inviting space to play a game of pool or have a drink.

modern game room 3



The large carved sculptures in this billiards room adds drama and interest.  Although the art is dark and dramatic the room has many layers of light and feels vibrant.

modern game room 5



An industrial and minimalist styled billiards room is a pleasant change of pace.  The reclaimed wood wall paneling and light installation create a simple yet unique look.

modern game rooms 5 copy



A warm golden toned poker room feels swanky and luxurious.  The quirky sputnik chandelier and abstract artwork pull the room together and compliment the space well.

modern game room 22


Friday, March 10, 2017

Console style

An elegant console table in an entryway, hallway or master suite is a great opportunity to purchase an interesting piece of furniture.  We love that you can style console tables in so many different ways.  Adding interesting lighting, art piece or sculptural decorative elements, are all ways to make a style your own.  We have been lusting over some of these thoughtful console table styling combos.

The contrasting style of this modern console table against the traditional wall moldings makes for such an interesting pair.  The look is taken further by adding the beautiful contemporary wall lighting to highlight the decorative art displayed on the console.

console table 1



A totally different look and altogether change of pace, is this contemporary beach house entry console.  The hints of blue and organic nods to the ocean complete this look and make for a stunning welcome to this beach retreat.

console table 2 copy



A much more refined and luxurious look is offered by this lacquered wood and brass console table.  The styling has been kept simple and consistent with a brass lamp and vase.

console table 3 copy



This burled wood console piece is quite the attention grabber.  We love the contrast of the console’s sharp dramatic edges, paired with the more organic smooth shapes of the other furniture in the room.

console table 4 copy



This little elegant carved wood console piece makes a sweet addition to a hallway.  The two different styled lamps add layers of light and interest.

console table 5 copy



A vintage mid-century modern console table is styled with a collection of matte black pottery and other sculptural art pieces.  The simple black artwork and sculptures work well with the polished black wood floors.

console table 6 copy



Friday, February 24, 2017

Handsome Hospitality

Hospitality design is one of our favorite places to pull inspiration.  Our ideas are constantly being influenced by travel adventures.  Along with travels come different hospitality spaces that offer a fresh, new perspective.  When you walk into a hotel or bar, the design is often intended to make you feel a certain way or put you in a certain mood.  Interior design creates environments for people to live in.  We love to see the way that designers transform public spaces.

The funky emerald velvet chairs, quirky wallpaper and gorgeous matte black and brass light fixtures are a few reasons we are loving this hotel restaurant.  The style is unique and fresh, but still feels cozy.

handsome hospitality 1 copy



The Camby is a beautiful hotel in our own backyard.  The eclectic furnishings and art make it a fun place to meet and grab a drink.  We love the mix of new and old melding together perfectly to create a one of a kind style.

handsome hospitality 2 copy



This hotel lobby is flocked with tons of circular seating areas perfect for socializing.  These elements are key to a successful hotel lobby.  We love the silver thread like wall dividers and glowing light rings hanging from the ceiling.

Handsome hospitality 3 copy



The Viceroy hotel in Anguilla is quite a change of pace.  Although the hotel feels modern, it has a rustic, island appeal.  All of the beautiful, tonal wood textures in the hotel lobby make it feel rich and inviting.

handsome hospitality 4 copy



The W hotel in Guangzhou is the ultimate in luxury hospitality design.  This lobby bar looks as though its dripping in gold.  The natural backlit stone wall and floating staircase have unparalleled details.

handsome hospitality 5 copy



The walls and ceiling design are the highlight of this New York eatery.  The glimmering marquee lights and wall applique feel as if you are in a jewelry box.

handsome hospitality 6 copy



Always fans of black and white, this minimalistic lobby design instantly caught our eye.  The high gloss white structures rising to the ceiling and hypnotizing floor pattern make it feel like you are in a strange dream.

handsome hospitality 7 copy


Friday, February 10, 2017

Dream Closets

Designing a master closet is a great way to flex your creativity and organization skills.  A master closet should be personal and tailored to fit the end user.  Some, more fashionable, may desire a closet where their collections are on display and others may want a clever and orderly closet that hides all of their belongings.

This contemporary master closet is reminiscent of a designer showroom.  The marble floors and recessed lighting make it feel ultra luxurious.  The floor to ceiling window view is not a bad touch either!

closets 1 copy



We are loving this ultra chic black and white themed master closet.  The gorgeous custom black and white cabinetry makes it unique and funky.

closets 2 copy



The plush sofa bench and warm tones of this master closet space make it feel inviting.  The layers of light and varied finish textures add interest and depth to the room.

closets 3 copy



This room is another example of a well planned master closet space.  Adding drawers to the center island for underwear, socks and other small items helps with easily accessibility and organization.




A phenomenal two story space is the ultimate in luxury master closets.  The back lit shoe and bag displays, as well as glass-topped center jewelry case are exactly what closet dreams are made of.