Beautiful Breakfast Nooks

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Breakfast nooks or eat-in banquettes are a perfect design solution for saving space.  We love how practical they are for families and the casual, cozy appeal that they add to a space.

This mid-century style dining nook feels warm and inviting, yet modern.  The space utilizes the beautiful views and eliminates the excess furniture.

BB 1



We love the lofty appeal of this adorable breakfast nook.  The vintage windows add charm and an interesting backdrop to the space.  This space is perfect for dining or lingering!

BB 2



The design of this breakfast nook is very versatile.  The built-in banquette could easily double as a reading bench and the additional furniture could be stored to create more space.

BB 3



This light and bright breakfast nook is so dreamy.  The solid bench is ideal for keeping the space clean, while throw pillows are added for style and comfort.

BB 4



How charming is this tiny breakfast nook?  This dining area is the perfect space-saving solution; all you need is a corner, bistro table and two chairs!  We love the black and white theme with adorable cane bistro chairs.

BB 5


Exposed Concrete

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Exposed concrete is a look we love.  It can be used in many different ways, but always adds industrial character to a room.  Adding an element of your design in exposed concrete goes well with a super contemporary scheme or can be mixed with different styles to create a complex look with lots of contrast.

exposed concrete 1



A solid concrete island adds a beautiful statement to this contemporary kitchen.  The contrast of the rough exposed concrete and the black lacquered range hood work together well.

exposed concrete 2



These cast concrete stairs display a unique use of the material and create an architectural art piece in a home.

exposed concrete 3



Distressed concrete tiles line the walls of this restaurant and stay true to its the funky industrial warehouse style.

exposed concrete 4



Custom dark concrete tiles line this contemporary bathroom.  The rich warm wood tones against the dark concrete give this small bathroom a sleek look.

exposed concrete 5



Exposed concrete walls and floors line this cozy living room.  The rough exposed brick and simple furnishings make it feel casual and inviting.

exposed concrete 6



The Modern Farmhouse

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The modern farmhouse style is a perfect way to appease your hearts desire for old and new.  The traditional farmhouse style charm, mixed with fresh contemporary features, make a perfect pair.  This stunning example of a modern farmhouse in Nashville boasts sky high windows and an exterior of stone and beautiful gray painted redwood siding.

modern farmhouse 1 copySource:


The classic feature of pitched ceilings remain in this modern farmhouse kitchen.  The clean white cabinetry, windows and ceilings make it feel light and bright.

modern farmhouse 2 copySource:


This take on a modern farmhouse has tons of minimalist appeal.  The simple, clean lines of the structure and entry design feel uncomplicated and serene.

modern farmhouse 3Source:


A picturesque day-bed nook is a cozy feature for a modern farmhouse that everyone can get on board with.  The painted white shiplap gives a nod to the traditional farmhouse.

modern farmhouse 4Source:


The painted black exterior gives this farmhouse style home an edge and makes it feel contemporary.

modern farmhouse 5Source:


A grand exterior feature, like this contemporary outdoor fireplace, creates a fantastic social gathering area.  The blend of old and new styles work together perfectly.

modern farmhouse 6Source://



Rose Quartz Accents

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Pantone’s color of the year, Rose Quartz, has made a big splash in the fashion industry and the interior design industry alike.  We are loving the use of this celebrated color in home accents including wall color and furniture pieces.  This warm shade of pink offers natural blush like variations that compliment many different color spectrums and give a fun, sophisticated pop.  A rose quartz subway-tiled bathroom is a funky and bold way to showcase this color!

rose quartz 1


A softer, more subtle use of rose quartz is shown here in a luxurious channeled velvet headboard.

rose quartz 2 copySource:


A pair of grand rose-quartz color drapes anchor this living space and make it feel complete.

rose quartz 3 copySource:


A blushy rose-quartz colored door adds charm and character to a home.

rose quartz 4

Black Doors

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Our latest inspiration is a timeless trend that brings elegance to any space in your home. Black doors are a crisp contrast when paired with neutrals or a black and white color scheme, leaving a dramatic impact. They bring a fresh perspective on the classic white or wooden doors, while still being a neutral color that blends beautifully into dark floors or can even disappear entirely into a dark wall to create a space that feels bigger. Black french doors create a beautiful frame to the adjoining room or outside view, while solid black interior doors balance other dark voids in the room, such as a television. The finish on this classic color can be tailored to the style of the home; matte as a modern, understated look and glossy for a more elegant space. Black is no longer a color used just for exterior doors. Bringing this color from the front door to the office door, updates a space in an unexpected and fresh way.