The Modern Farmhouse

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The modern farmhouse style is a perfect way to appease your hearts desire for old and new.  The traditional farmhouse style charm, mixed with fresh contemporary features, make a perfect pair.  This stunning example of a modern farmhouse in Nashville boasts sky high windows and an exterior of stone and beautiful gray painted redwood siding.

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The classic feature of pitched ceilings remain in this modern farmhouse kitchen.  The clean white cabinetry, windows and ceilings make it feel light and bright.

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This take on a modern farmhouse has tons of minimalist appeal.  The simple, clean lines of the structure and entry design feel uncomplicated and serene.

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A picturesque day-bed nook is a cozy feature for a modern farmhouse that everyone can get on board with.  The painted white shiplap gives a nod to the traditional farmhouse.

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The painted black exterior gives this farmhouse style home an edge and makes it feel contemporary.

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A grand exterior feature, like this contemporary outdoor fireplace, creates a fantastic social gathering area.  The blend of old and new styles work together perfectly.

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Matte Black

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Throughout history, the color black has reigned as a classic symbol of elegance and professionalism. This once standard color is being given a modern twist, making it a trend in a fresh and unexpected way. By incorporating a matte finish, the classic color’s texture is changed to give it a smooth, velvety appearance, making it as inviting and tempting as a rich bar of dark chocolate. Having come from the default high gloss finish of past design, matte black is now sought after to transform even the most simple of spaces. The trend has grown so fast that it has moved from the confines of interior design options including appliances, faucets, and tiles, all the way to the automobile world as a unique, sleek, and classic new look for a car. While this fresh perspective is quickly spreading to all areas of design, matte black is a trend that is here to stay.

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