Exposed Concrete

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Exposed concrete is a look we love.  It can be used in many different ways, but always adds industrial character to a room.  Adding an element of your design in exposed concrete goes well with a super contemporary scheme or can be mixed with different styles to create a complex look with lots of contrast.

exposed concrete 1



A solid concrete island adds a beautiful statement to this contemporary kitchen.  The contrast of the rough exposed concrete and the black lacquered range hood work together well.

exposed concrete 2



These cast concrete stairs display a unique use of the material and create an architectural art piece in a home.

exposed concrete 3



Distressed concrete tiles line the walls of this restaurant and stay true to its the funky industrial warehouse style.

exposed concrete 4



Custom dark concrete tiles line this contemporary bathroom.  The rich warm wood tones against the dark concrete give this small bathroom a sleek look.

exposed concrete 5



Exposed concrete walls and floors line this cozy living room.  The rough exposed brick and simple furnishings make it feel casual and inviting.

exposed concrete 6



Rose Quartz Accents

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Pantone’s color of the year, Rose Quartz, has made a big splash in the fashion industry and the interior design industry alike.  We are loving the use of this celebrated color in home accents including wall color and furniture pieces.  This warm shade of pink offers natural blush like variations that compliment many different color spectrums and give a fun, sophisticated pop.  A rose quartz subway-tiled bathroom is a funky and bold way to showcase this color!

rose quartz 1


A softer, more subtle use of rose quartz is shown here in a luxurious channeled velvet headboard.

rose quartz 2 copySource:


A pair of grand rose-quartz color drapes anchor this living space and make it feel complete.

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A blushy rose-quartz colored door adds charm and character to a home.

rose quartz 4

Scandinavian Influence

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Scandinavian style interiors have gained popularity in recent years and its easy to see how.  The honesty of the material, texture and light all attract the idea of a beautiful living space that doesn’t feel fussy or cold.  Scandinavian style is effortlessly cool in its simplicity and functionality.  You often see raw, natural, light colored woods, stone and white walls.  All of these features make the space feel larger and inviting.

Scandinavian 3Source:

Simplicity is key in this contemporary kitchen design with Scandinavian influence.  The all white walls and cabinetry, simple glass pendants and natural wooden bar stools work well together for a natural, clean, cohesive look.


Scandinavian 6Source:

This living room space showcases beautiful chevron wood floors and all white walls.  Like a blank canvas, the room allows the furniture to be the star.


Scandinavian 4Source:

The beams in this open living room give some original charm, while the design of the fireplace and mantel offer a contemporary feature.


Scandinavian 2Source:

This kitchen has a different spin on Scandinavian design.  The simple, open concept of the kitchen stays true to traditional Scandinavian style, while the playful tile pattern and concrete pendants offer a funky accent.




















Mixed Metals

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Two Ways to Include Metal in your Design

From supporting the foundations of New York’s skyscrapers to making up the durable pipes in homes for decades, metal has come a long way from its function dominant roots. There are two main ways that you can incorporate this high-end function in your home; either as an individual statement piece, or as a beautiful, yet subtle, accent.



Copper, steel, tin, gold, and silver can all be worked into any space’s design as lighting, seating or even a unique range hood. Each metal piece is extremely versatile, fitting in both a modern work station or a country style kitchen, and malleable enough to be crafted into any possible shape or design. The durability of metal gives the feeling of timeless strength and elegance to even the simplest area.



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Picture 6

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If a large gold chandelier is too bold of a statement for your space, there are other ways to include mixed metals in your home.  You can use accents of gold, silver, chrome, tin, or copper in a more subtle way.  Mixed metal products, such as Jason Wu’s collection of mixed metal lavatory accessories for Brizo provide an exciting blend of the traditional and modern. The classic style of these pieces are given a refreshing twist with mixed finishes of matte black alone and matte black with polished chrome or brushed nickel.

Picture 7


Along with being extremely durable and resilient, metals can easily keep an untouched look in between cleaning days. Those occasional water spots can be easily wiped away to create a brand new looking piece. Their durability equals a long life and eco-friendly status.

Matte Black

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Throughout history, the color black has reigned as a classic symbol of elegance and professionalism. This once standard color is being given a modern twist, making it a trend in a fresh and unexpected way. By incorporating a matte finish, the classic color’s texture is changed to give it a smooth, velvety appearance, making it as inviting and tempting as a rich bar of dark chocolate. Having come from the default high gloss finish of past design, matte black is now sought after to transform even the most simple of spaces. The trend has grown so fast that it has moved from the confines of interior design options including appliances, faucets, and tiles, all the way to the automobile world as a unique, sleek, and classic new look for a car. While this fresh perspective is quickly spreading to all areas of design, matte black is a trend that is here to stay.

Matte Black 1

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Matte Black 2

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Matte Black 3

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Matte Black 4

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Matte Black 5

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Matte Black 6

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Matte Black 7

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Matte Black 8

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Matte Black 9

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